Are you looking to direct your home into a more simplistic space and embrace increasingly popular minimalist interiors? Plantation Shutters have you covered! Here’s 5 easy tips to embody stylish simplicity in your décor and work towards a minimalism in your room that can help make the space feel bigger, brighter, and more comfortable. A tidy, clear space really can mean a tidy, clear mind. 

1. Embrace an ‘everything has a reason’ mantra

One of the key features of minimalist interiors is aiming to almost completely eradicate clutter from the space. A great way to reduce clutter and work towards a simple, clean look for the room is to adopt an “everything has a reason” mantra to any displayed items. Anything on display should either have a specific purpose or be consciously placed within the clean lines as a minimal decorative feature. 

2. Clean lines and minimal patterns

Keeping a clean line approach to surfaces broken up by softer additions will draw the eye to key focus points in the room and avoid distraction from over-busy options. Clean lines provide a geometric focus in the room and will give the space a clear point of reference.

3. Windows and their dressings are key

Allowing as much light as possible into the room will give the appearance of a larger area and will emphasize its simplicity. Bright spaces bring a positive energy to rooms so utilising what natural light you can in the room can only be a great addition. Keeping window areas clear will allow as much light as possible to shine through so your choice of dressing will be imperative. A simple yet stylish dressing that fits seamlessly with the room architecture is the most successful way to ensure long lasting aesthetic and functional benefits to the room. Privacy control, temperature variation and other brilliant offerings make shutters the most superior dressing that can be added to the space.

4. Focus on timelessness

Minimalist interiors emphasise timeless style and long-lasting products which keep relevant rather than opting for pieces representative of trends at the time. Shopping in current trends means that choices quickly fall out of fashion and will result in regular changes being required to stay relevant. The idea of minimalist living is that over time a simple approach to interiors should be adopted so choosing long-lasting and sustainable items will become the norm and mean that staple items become significant to the space. Shutters are an excellent example of this as they give a well built flush finish to the window area and are exceptionally long lasting. 

5. Introduce colour with your furnishings

Having long-lasting and sustainable interiors does not mean that the décor of your room has to stay the same. You can create variations using soft furnishings which can inject a splash of colour into the room or create any desired contrasting designs. A great way to achieve is by using wool rugs as there’s a wide variety of finishes and sizes that can either complement your room aesthetic or create a stand out feature. This means that you can refresh the space where desired without having to clutter the room or spend money on re-investing in long lasting and sustainable pieces that are intended to last for significant amounts of time.


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