Summer is fast approaching and the team at Plantation Shutters are thrilled to have announced the launch our stunning new awnings range! We have a brilliant selection of different awning choices on offer for any need your outdoor space may have, so if you’re dreaming up the perfect addition to your property exteriors then awnings are the ideal choice for you. Here are 5 ways that awnings will help boost for your outdoor spaces this summer.

1. Shade from the sun

It’s quintessentially British to squeeze every moment of sunshine out of a day when it makes an appearance. After all, now that our weather is more changeable than ever before, why shouldn’t we! When the height of summer hits however, and the sun becomes a little more intense, there’s no shame in seeking out those all-important shaded areas to still enjoy the beautiful weather whilst keeping yourself and your family a little cooler and protected from UV rays… that’s where your awning comes in.

Being able to selectively shade and portion off your outdoor areas will give you the freedom to cover from the sun as you need, keeping you comfortable outdoors all day long without the hassle of temperamental umbrellas or cowering under trees. With the simple touch of a button, your awning will come to your rescue and offer that much needed shade. 

2. Protect from rain showers

Many of us know all too well the panicked dash that unwelcomed moody skies bring when the threat of a sudden downpour brings an abrupt end to a BBQ or afternoon dinner party. Well fear no more with awnings on hand to save the day. Your awning will provide the light coverage you need against such showers so the party doesn’t need to stop to wait for the rain to pass through. Having an awning opens up your exteriors for more of the year so you’ll be a fair weather lounger no more as your exteriors will be far more appealing for more of the year.

Wind safe sensors react to increased of gusts of a particular speed and so your awning will automatically retract to protect your home and the awning product when needed.   


3. Privacy

The close proximity of many properties throughout London means that privacy is often essential on the agenda for many homeowners. If your property is looked down on from above, adding an awning to the exteriors can increase the privacy of the areas underneath so you can relax into the space feeling less exposed to onlooking views. 

4. Add a stylish and homely touch to your outdoors

Adding an awning to your exteriors doesn’t just provide a long list of practical benefits, but also adds a stylish touch to the home thanks to the vast range of fabric and colour choices available. Whatever your favoured exterior aesthetic, your awning can be tailored to match the chosen design for your exterior spaces whether a subtle match to the structure or a bold, eye-popping feature is preferred.

5. Heat your outdoors

One of the fantastic additional features that can be selected for your awning is to have heaters and lights built into the top of the frame projecting heat downwards. Heaters are a brilliant addition for when evenings draw in, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air and peaceful outdoors for longer without feeling the chill. Choosing these built in heated systems is ideal for family homes because the hot to the touch heaters are further out of reach by being fitted high up in the awning. Heat is also better contained within the awning than other outdoor heating choices where heat immediately escapes the space. 


These are just 5 of the awesome reasons that awnings are the perfect addition for your home and with summer on our doorstep, now is the perfect time to get the team out and begin the approximate 4-6 week lead time! Our friendly team will be delighted to assist with all your shutter and awning needs to transform your home both inside and out. You can reach us on 02088719222 to book in for home consultation or allow us to answer any of the queries you may have – we can’t wait to hear from you.