We often get asked by our clients what the correlation is between shutters and house prices, and if having shutters installed can help improve the value of their property. The answer is simply, a big, resounding, yes.

There are a few reasons for this, not least that shutters hugely increase the luxury aesthetic of a home space which makes the property more appealing for prospective buyers when looking around to buy.

Curb Appeal

Shutters don’t just look brilliant inside of a house, they also add a great deal of aesthetic value to the outside of a home – especially when other properties on the road have shutters too. This curb appeal is something that many homeowners consider when choosing the colour and style of their shutters to ensure that cohesiveness is achieved from the outside of the property, rather than on a room-by-room basis as would be the case in the interiors. First impressions are very important, and curb appeal is one way you can ensure to attract people when they first arrive at your property.

The aesthetic of shutters isn’t where the curb appeal ends though, they are also a great way to manage privacy and increase security in the home, without having to completely block out the outside world which is hugely desirable.

Investment in a Property

A luxury window dressing isn’t just an addition to a window, it is also an investment into the home. These timeless additions act as a long-term solution to window dressing needs. Prospective buyers will be thrilled that they will be able to enjoy the privacy, light control, temperature benefits, and many other advantages provided by the shutters for many years to come.

Valuers like properties in a top-quality finished state because doer-uppers require a huge amount of vision and there’s never any guarantee that these visions will come through, so it needs to be taken as is.

Luxury Symbol

It may not be the reason you look to get shutters for your windows, but interior shutters are a brilliant luxury addition to any home and are well-known as high-quality window dressing that holds a particular symbol in interiors. This is a brilliant way to make your home stand out as a truly luxurious place to be and not only increase the value but give an increased value to the appearance of the home too.


Shutters are fantastic insulators, keeping the cold out of your home and the heat in. Want to make significant savings on your energy bills each month? Shutters are the stylish, luxurious, custom-made answer. Increase the value of your home by creating a more energy-efficient space to keep costs as low as possible. You can read more about their insulating properties here.

Be Careful Not to Cheap Out

If you are looking to increase the value of your home with shutters, be careful not to fall into the trap of cheap copies of top-quality shutter products. These alternative products can be tempting due to their price tags, but the lower cost reflects the poorer manufacturing process and ultimately a shorter lifespan on the shutters. Signs to look out for in the shutter finishes are details such as non-twist core centres and mortise and tenon joinery which make a strong, robust shutter product that will boost the value of your home.

The expertise of companies supplying these shutters for you is also important to ensure that the overall craftsmanship and measurements of the shutters are of the highest standard they can be. In-house teams with vast experience, such as the experts we have on board and our unmatched knowledge in the industry, truly make the difference between an average shutter, and the beautiful cremè de la cremè, long-lasting finish to your windows and homes.

If you would like to boost the value of your home with interior shutters, our team would love to speak to you about your windows and how shutters can change your interiors. Call our experts on 020 8871 9222 or fill in our Contact Us form here.