We thought it would be interesting for everyone to know what goes on during a day of a Plantation Shutters fitter so when you see one of our vans driving around you can shout “well done” at them.

Step 1: The day before the shutter installation, our fitters load up their vans with the plantation shutter panels and frames they will be installing the next day.

Step 2: Once the fitter is at the job location, he will gradually unload the van as the job progresses to avoid bringing all boxes with the shutter panels and frames at once into the client’s house. On average we install three windows per property and each window will have around six boxes and we try to cause the least disruption to the property owner when carrying out the works.

Step 3: We know how important your house is to you and before laying the shutter boxes down, the fitter will make sure the floor and other surfaces around the windows where the job will be carried out are properly covered so nothing gets damaged. In most cases, they take pictures before and after the installation anyway. If the property is still being built the same care is applied, as shown in the image below.

Opening Shutter Boxes

Step 4: The fitter will usually assemble the shutter frames on the floor before screwing them onto the window. Once the frames are built and screwed, the shutter panels are ready to be installed and given the final adjustments in order to fit perfectly with your window.

Shutter Installation

Step 5: As your custom made shutters are installed, the fitter will start taking the empty shutter boxes out and placing them by his van, this is so the boxes don’t get in the way of the boxes still needed on further jobs and you’ll see later that this saves time when we get rid of all the packaging.

Empty Shutter Boxes

Step 6: When the job is finished, the fitter will go through the shutters window by window to ensure you are pleased with the results and will ask the customer to sign a satisfactory note before leaving the property. In most cases customers are able to be present during the shutter installation but when that isn’t the case, the fitter will leave the property and the customer will contact us once the job has been seen.

Tier on Tier Shutters on a Bay Window

Step 7: The final step and conclusion to the shutter installation is about tidying up. We will leave the property in the same condition it was before the installation, that’s why we carry our friend Henry around. The empty shutter boxes are then brought back to the warehouse so they can be recycled. Due to the frequency and volume of our work, we have invested in a bailing machine to manage this problem efficiently and sustainably.

Shutter Boxes Recycling

For more information on how Plantation Shutters deal with environmental issues, visit our service page.