Kids are renowned for changing their minds day after day, but that’s ok cause it’s all part of growing up and discovering who they are and who they want to be. But when it comes to decorating their rooms it can become a little more challenging and somewhat exhausting than you initially planned. So, here are a few tips to helping you create the perfect bedroom for your little one that will grow with them and let them express themselves over the years.

Choose furniture that will stand the test of time and that can fit into any style your child wants over the years. There’s no need to replace the furniture every few years because it doesn’t work anymore. Also, the great thing about draws and bedside tables is that you can also paint them again and again so it feels as though you have new furniture every time the room may change. If the space allows invest in a double bed rather than a single so you can also have space for more sleeping arraignments when you have guests over to stay.

When designing a child’s bedroom, choose durable and versatile furniture that can grow with their changing needs. BedKingdom‘s range of beds and drawers can be easily updated and their double beds provide extra sleeping arrangements for guests.

If you’re a bit more limited on space get creative and choose furniture with multiple functions. Think outside the box and purchase a desk or dresser that can have a padded changing mat on top. When your child grows up, they can use the desk for doing their homework on once they start school. You can also store the never-ending supply of toys in baskets to keep out of the way and help in keeping the room tidy.

In terms of colour schemes and painting the walls, keep a natural base and then add to it with different accessories depending on their style. Other parts of the room to keep neutral is the flooring and bed bases. Pick paint colours that are warm and inviting but not too out there that you will need to change year after year. Have flooring that is universal and won’t need to be replaced as often. Kids can be messy so opt for natural floorboards with a rug that can be easily washed and last longer than your child’s choices.

Now comes the fun part where you can get your child involved in the decision making and really let their personality and interests shine. Add fun with accessories that can be easily switched out for new ones as your child grows up. Things that won’t cost a fortune year after year such as the bedspread. If they love adventure and discovering the world you can add things such as a globe or wall map, a tipi to play and read in or different discovery themed wall stickers and artwork that can be easily removed without a mark. Or if they love everything magical, fairy lights attached to mosquito netting over the bed or over a tipi and glow in the dark stars go off without a hitch.

When it comes to children and their decisions, nothing is permanent. They change their favourite colour, food, movie and toys more often than they change their clothes sometimes. Why should the design of their room be the same? Be one step ahead of them and be prepared for their ever-changing mind and design a room that at the base can outlast any changed mind and adapt to their new favourite without breaking the bank or your patience. Everyone will be happier for it.