Shutters are the unsung heroes of window dressings. They offer a range of benefits ranging from privacy to insulation, aesthetics to low maintenance. But questions that often pop up when considering shutters include: Are shutters blackout? How dark do shutters make a room? How much light do window shutters block?

The short answer: No, shutters are not fully blackout. However, several factors affect how effectively shutters can block out light. Let’s dive into some reasons why shutters may not be as blackout as you desire.

  1. 1. Louver Size: The size of the louvers (the horizontal slats of the shutters) plays a significant role in light control. The larger the slat, the less slats there will be per panel. This means there are less gaps for light to seep through when the slats are closed. However, the smaller the slat, the less blackout the shutters will be, as there are more spaces the light can get through.
  2. 2. Mounting Method: The way shutters are installed can affect their ability to block out light. Inside-mount shutters may have small gaps around the edges, allowing light to penetrate, whereas outside-mount shutters can provide a tighter seal. However, the type of mounting option depends on your unique window specifications.

So, how can you make shutters more blackout? One solution is to integrate room darkening blinds with your shutters.

What are integrated Room Darkening Blinds?

These specialised blinds are designed to significantly reduce external light, making them perfect for those who need a darkened environment for better sleep or enhanced movie-watching experiences. Unlike traditional blackout blinds that may allow light to seep in around the edges, integrated room darkening blinds are housed snugly in recessed channels behind the shutters, minimising external light bleed.

Integrated room darkening blinds offer a complete room darkening solution that combines the benefits of shutters with the light-blocking capabilities of room darkening blinds. This system not only enhances your sleep quality but also offers insulation benefits and creates a cinema-like ambiance for your media rooms.

Integrated room darkening blinds are made out of a foil lined honeycomb material, there are 19 colours to choose from. View our room darkening blinds guide here.

Where to use integrated room darkening blinds?

Integrated room darkening blinds are perfect for bedrooms, nurseries, or any space where you need maximum light control for a restful environment.

What are the pros and cons of integrated room darkening blinds with shutters?


  • Superior light reduction over curtains and traditional blinds
  • Enhanced insulation properties
  • Creates a cosy and private atmosphere
  • Ideal for shift-workers, children, or anyone needing a darkened environment



  • May require professional installation for optimal performance (However, don’t worry about this, as the Plantation Shutters team of experts have you covered.)
  • Slightly limited colour options compared to standard blinds, however, the blinds will be covered by the shutters.


What other ways can I maximise light reduction with shutters?

Another option is solid panel shutters, they offer an alternative solution for those seeking maximum light control, as their solid construction leaves no room for light to filter through slats. While they excel at blocking out light, they may not achieve the same level of blackout as integrated room darkening blinds, which snugly fit behind shutters to minimise external light bleed.

In conclusion, while shutters alone may not provide complete blackout capabilities, integrating room darkening blinds can transform your space into a serene oasis of darkness, perfect for restful sleep or immersive movie nights. With integrated room-darkening blinds, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: the timeless elegance of shutters combined with the unparalleled light control of room darkening blinds. Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to blissful darkness!

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