2023 has arrived in style and now is the perfect time to match that style in your own home as January creeps to its end. When looking at your window dressings, choosing a solution that suits the needs of your rooms and home in every season can help to ensure that your home is always a prime comfortable temperature no matter the time of year. 


Shutters are one of the most effective year-round window dressing solutions because they offer climate control in rooms no matter what the temperature is outside. In colder weather, the additional shutter layer in front of the window assists with temperature maintenance by preventing heat loss from the home. Keeping shutter panels closed helps to ensure that as much heat as possible remains in the room. As temperatures rise, shutters also act as an effective temperature control method as shutter panels can be closed with slats open in front of an open window so that cool air can cool the room down but without the room being as exposed as if the window was left open without any firm coverings on it.

Shutters come in a range of different colour choices with both painted and stained options available. White painted shutters are a great colour option for shutters because they reflect light away from the window space. This avoids the room overheating in warmer months when direct sunlight shines through and overheats the space through over exposure to the radiating sun rays that come through the space and can make rooms too hot. 

Shutters + Room Darkening Blinds

The addition of room darkening blinds to shutters can improve the efficiency of windows in numerous ways and helps to enhance the numerous benefits that shutters provide to any room and window which they are installed to .

The integrated blinds sit comfortably in a frame so is only visible when it has been pulled down which means that the shutters keep their same brilliant aesthetic when the blind is not in use. There are a variety of different colours available in room darkening blinds to allow the honeycomb style blind can match room colours, shutter colours or your general room aesthetic so it ties in wonderfully with the room and home as a whole whilst providing the increased darkness and energy efficiency to the room.


Alternative blind choices

If blinds are your preferred window dressing, either to pair with shutters or instead of, you have a preference for blinds instead of shutters or to pair with the shutters then there are plenty of options available for your windows. Room darkening blinds can be added to windows as a stand alone option where the blind sits inside a custom made frame for the window. Venetian blinds give the slatted benefits that shutters offer but are lighter in weight and a cheaper option than shutters. Roller blinds and Roman blinds are also classic options but are less effective in their versatility because they have ‘all-open’ or ‘all-closed’ opening so light, temperature and privacy levels can’t be controlled at varying degrees because the window will either be exposed, or covered with the blinds.

Blinds do have some energy efficiency benefits but not to the same level of shutters so depending on the priority of the homeowners, choosing shutters may be the better option because as a product they offer better levels of protection and versatility for the window.

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