Many of our customers tend to ask what the expected lifespan of their shutters will be and the simple answer is that it really depends on a variety of factors including the overall care of the shutters and ensuring that the best material and design is chosen from the offset. 

Shutters can last up to 20 years with the right care so they are a brilliant and long-lasting addition to your home.

Our shutters come with a 5-year warranty so within these first few years we warrant that both your shutter product and the workmanship of our experts who measured and installed the shutters will be defect free when that the shutters are used as intended. But this by no means that this is the limitation of how long the shutters will last. We speak to clients from over 15 years ago who have got in touch to say that their shutters still look great and work just as well as when they were first installed to the rooms.

There are a few things that make shutters such a brilliantly long-lasting addition:

Quality materials

All the shutters we offer are manufactured using the very best raw products available, if they’re not the best, they simply wouldn’t be used. Each home and window is different based on what the homeowner is looking for and so we offer an abundance of shutter products that suit any requirement and space. Because of the quality guarantee on all our shutters, you can be confident that when you opt for any of the materials in our range you will still have access to the high quality whether it is from our introductory Craftwood MDF materials through to our luxury full wood options.

Expert Craftsmanship

Every set of shutters is manufactured with great care by expert craftsmen with the highest quality joinery making them built to last. Mortise and tenon joins in the wood are the best way to combine various parts of the shutter and ensure a very long lasting. Cheaper copy shutter products are finger jointed which means that these are more likely to fall victim to problems over time.

The trick to a long-lasting product is having the very best design choices for details such as the panel configuration and style of shutter that is used so having the most professional shutter surveyors and fitters to do this is also an excellent way to help extend the life of the shutters. Fitting shutters perfectly into an area is the best way to keep them well lasting in the home and this comes down to the closest millimeter, so you want the best in the business to be measuring for you. Having all in house measure and fitting teams means you know your shutters will also be fitted in the best way with any required adjustments that may be required carried out with maximum care and minimum fuss.

Shutter care

We can give you tips on how to care for your shutters once they have been installed as following these basic aftercare instructions can ensure that your shutters will be a long-term addition to any room which they are installed to. This ideal care involves wiping the shutters down with a slightly damp cloth, using high quality dusters such as ostrich feathers and avoiding using any chemicals, sprays or anything else directly onto the shutter as this can damage the protective finishes in place.

Protections are added to the shutters ensure a colour lastness in the window area for long periods of exposure to sunlight, UV rays and varying temperatures in the home and avoid discolouring on the shutters.

If you are looking for quality shutters for your home to help transform the space then Plantation Shutters are the shutter experts here to help you. You can reach our friendly team who will be happy to help on 020 8871 9222.