It’s a question that we come across often from homeowners who are considering shutters for their home… how much do shutter blinds cost?

With some very basic measurements it is easy to get a price for shutter blinds but we initially need to establish what our clients define as ‘shutter blinds’. 

What are shutter blinds?

The term shutter blinds can cause confusion because it is often used mistaken for the broad term ‘shutters’ which covers the overall definition of this luxury window dressing. A ‘shutter blind’ is an integrated honeycomb darkening blind which is built into shutter frames and concertinas down behind the shutter panels to enhance the darkness of the room. Light is blocked from bleeding through panel edges or slats which can occur when there is a direct light source outside of the window and it is dark within the room. Room darkening shutter blinds are not required for most shutters but do come in useful for very sensitive sleepers or in rooms where the most complete level of darkness possible is preferred.

How much do shutter blinds cost?

The cost of a room darkening blind is calculated by square metre so the overall price is dependent on the size of the area and shutter that it will be installed to. There are a few options to get a cost for your darkening blind. Submitting an online quote calculator with your measurements will provide a material only cost for a basic shutter and make measurements accessible to our office team who can then calculate this blind price for you. Alternatively, you can send over your measurements directly via phone, email or by submitting a Contact form for them to put together all costs for you.

Are there different design options for room darkening blinds?

Room darkening blinds come in a standard style, however there is a selection of different colour choices which can be selected to ensure the blinds tie in brilliantly with the overall finish of the shutters. As they are built into the frame, blinds are manoeuvred to either sit at the top of the frame to expose the window light alongside open slats/ panels or pulled down to block out all light from the window. 

How do I order shutter blinds?

If you are looking to add blinds to your shutters, the best option is to make this decision at the time of order as framing can be made to accommodate the blinds rather than needing to be changed later. Retrofitting room darkening blinds is a possibility but there are some limitations on some windows, bays for example, and retrofitting at a later date is the more expensive option.


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