Summer has arrived at our doors, or windows, and the sunshine days are certainly welcomed now they’re here. Whilst the warmer days do not attract the heating bills that can prove burdensome in the winter months, trying to keep interiors cool can also come with its own costs attached.

The great news is that with shutters in place, your room will have an effective cooling method without over-spending on expensive cooling units or fans that become imperative in London homes to keep cool in the hottest days.

There are a few different usages of your shutters that will make them as efficient as possible for the energy usage of your home. On particularly sunny days, it is recommended to keep panels and slats closed so that solar radiation, the main cause of heat rise in a room, is limited and the rooms keep cool. If the room is in use and to avoid completely darkening the space, slats can be manoeuvred to more of an opened positioning which will allow light still to shine through whilst still blocking some of the solar radiation that can affect the temperature of the home and rooms.

You can also use the shutters to filter the breeze coming through into a room by closing the panels but leaving slats open which will allow the breeze to disperse across the area so that the room is generally cooler and there is a nice flow of fresh air in the space.

Your interiors aren’t the only area that you can make savings to keep the area cool. Awnings will make the ideal addition to your outdoor spaces as they can keep chosen parts of the exteriors cool during the heat of the summer days so you can enjoy your outdoor areas at all times of year come rain or shine.

If you are in the fortunate position to have an outdoor space than spans all the way around your property, then choosing the sides that are the most southerly facing will give you the most protection throughout the day.

Awnings aren’t just a wonderful addition to your exteriors in summer, they make a great choice year-round as the awning can give light coverage against showers that may come through and will also have a smart wind sensor that makes the awning retract back to avoid any damage that can be caused if the awning is left out in the wind.

Awnings can be made to any preferred design style because of the numerous fabric and colour choices that are available in awnings so no matter what aesthetic you are looking to achieved for your outdoor areas you will have the awning fitted to.

Transforming your interiors and exteriors shutters and awnings with these choices will help save your money on a long-term basis as these choices will be a fantastically long-lasting addition to your homes. Both shutters and awnings come with a 5-year warranty but their actual life span far exceeds this. Shutters can be in place on windows for up to 20 years and awnings for up to 10 so their energy consumption reduction and cooling and heating properties will be a great addition for many years to come.

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