The designers we work with on their fabulous projects truly inspire us every day with their creative outlook and visionary approach to their client’s needs. We’re always on the lookout for innovation leaders to learn what trends are taking precedent and watch how their expertise are applied across their client’s projects. Here are three fantastic designers to watch right now!

Jam By Hedayat

Surface design awards finalist ‘Jam by Hedayat’ is hot in the eye of many reputable design platforms for the great work produced since being established in 2014.

Hedayat is a true visionary working between London and other European Countries (Egypt mainly). Jam by Hedayat have broken beyond interior design projects and launched multiple fabric and wallpaper collections in collaboration with their design partners under their previous ‘Jam Space’ branding, so even without a consultation with their experts you can still bring their refined eye into your home.    

All projects focus on an appreciation of the client and aim to create an emotional response through the use of interior design, leaving the perfect embodiment of the individuals which they were designed for without fear of mixing interior classics with a modern touch.

You can explore recent works by Jam by Hedayat by browsing their Instagram or visit their website to learn more about what they have on offer.                 

Kelling Designs

Emma Deterding and her brilliant team work on a variety of domestic and residential projects across London and Norfolk transforming any project into an eclectic variety of stunning spaces that wholly embody a client’s character and preferences. Whilst the majority of their works are focused in the UK, Kelling Designs have also undertaken multiple exciting international projects so their reach really does extend far and wide and no logistical challenge is too great for these professionals.  

The team are not afraid of experimenting using bold colour and patterns to really boost the makeup of a room letting the interiors tell a creative and individual story that results in a unique and memorable space with the client’s personality flowing throughout. The team also collaborate with artists and other creatives which they feature in their blog as well as selling a range of beautiful coloured and patterned pieces.

Kelling Designs are in the process of launching their sustainability project where they are inviting open conversation and a commitment to change within the design industry without loosing the great aesthetics that drive creatives. You can keep up to date on this and all their other exciting ventures through their Instagram feed or website.

Christian Bense


Christian Bense’s interior design drive aims to create spaces with a depth of style guiding a blissful equality of stunning aesthetics with high comfort levels, and the results are exceptional.

Now London focused from his South-African roots, collaboration and client involvement runs at the heart of all Christian’s works and it produces spaces that are truly breath-taking with clear individuality running through. Textural variation is a favourite theme in Christian’s works using clever colour pallets to enhance selected artworks for each property. In his own words, “I expect my client’s to leave having a clear understanding of the home I’ve helped to create.”.

Christian’s talents aren’t limited to implementing his interior creations as he also writes a brilliant award-winning blog. In his writing, Christian guides his readers through the hurdles of interior design choices with a clear and informative breakdown of the pros and cons of various choices and how homeowners can focus their purchases using an array of considerations.

The projects created by the Christian Bense brand embody everything modern design should with each space standing out from any other whilst still integrating on trend items that keep the desirable contemporary focus that many London properties favour.   

Get inspired by Christian’s work on his Instagram feed or to learn more about this trend enhancer visit his website which links out to his blog.