The Met office has spoken, and temperatures are set to rise to 39 degrees this week which will then become an all-time heat record for July. The question is, how prepared are our homes and buildings, in general, to deal with the heat?

The temperatures are much higher than we are used to and our houses and offices – certainly the ones without air-con – seem to be storing all the heat indoors. We are grateful of the way buildings are constructed and the effect insulation on the walls and double glazing on the windows have in the Winter but come Summer, we long for a cool breeze and not the one supplied courtesy of a desk fan.

People buy shutters for many different reasons and whether it is because you love the stylish simplicity or they seem the most practical for your window and lifestyle, shutters are likely to work for you. What you might not know is that you can also add protection from the potential threat of climate change as another reason to have shutters – don’t just take our word for it!

As talk of energy-saving remains high on the agenda, ventilators and air conditioners have conversely become very popular. Contrarily then, Lord Krebs from the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) said: “Don’t wait and rely on air-con. Install shutters or blinds”. Adding: “We think new-build properties need new building standards to prevent overheating”. Click on the link to read the full report published on BBC News.

Since then building standards are likely to remain unchanged for the time being, why not to go for a currently available and stylish solution. A solution of not only of the age-old dilemma of what window covering is best but which one is the most practical – interior shutters.

Interior shutters are well-known for being useful all year round as they keep in the heat during the winter and can also provide you with the much-needed ventilation and shade in the summer. What is more, shutters will not only add a touch of elegance to your house but they are likely to add some value to the property too.

If keeping in the heat during cold days and letting some air in during overheating times is your priority, the full height shutters may be an ideal solution for you as it covers the whole window allowing you to open the left and right panels independently of each other. The tier on tier shutters are similar whereby they cover the whole of the window but they have the additional flexibility of opening the top and bottom panels independently.

Visit our Photo Gallery to view more examples of what you can achieve with your interior window shutters.