1982 – Plantation Shutters Ltd Takes Off

In the heart of London, the story of Plantation Shutters Ltd began in 1982, marking a journey filled with craftsmanship, growth, and a commitment to quality.

1995 – Rob James Takes the Lead

In 1995, Rob James, in search of respite from the daily 9-to-5 urban routine in the city, ventured into the shutter industry. A trip to the US inspired the huge potential of introducing wooden shutters to the UK’s limited market. Starting small, with Rob single-handedly cutting, painting, and attaching hinges to panels in his front room on a saw desk, the venture slowly gained momentum. The wooden shutters he envisioned introducing weren’t just destined to be a passing fad, as some skeptics had criticised. Instead, they would become the popular product today of enduring style and functionality.

Rob reflects, “It used to be about selling the concept of shutters; now, it’s about delivering the right product and service.”

1998 – Expanding Horizons

Recognising the potential for growth in 1998, Rob expanded into Venetian blinds and started sourced shutters in the UK. The business fast outgrew his living room, leading to the establishment of a Putney basement office and the hiring of additional staff.

2005 – Showcasing Excellence in Putney

In 2005, a new chapter unfolded as Plantation Shutters Ltd proudly unveiled its Putney showroom. This strategic move not only expanded the company’s physical presence but also provided a dedicated space for clients to intimately engage with the exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled quality of shutters.

2010 – Increased Demand

The increasing demand led to the rental of a warehouse in Wandsworth in 2010, a move reflecting the company’s commitment to maintaining high standards while scaling up operations.

2013 – Ownership and Growth

In 2013, the company acquired its current offices, showroom, and warehouse building. This marked a crucial step in building a robust team to meet growing demands and maintain the core values of the company delivering high-quality products and exceptional service.

2022 – Celebrating 40 Years

In 2022, Plantation Shutters Ltd proudly celebrated 40 years in business, now thriving with a team of 25 employees. Offering shutters, awnings, and blinds, the company has solidified its position as a leader in the industry.

Beyond business milestones, Rob James values the relationships formed along the way. Remaining in touch with his first employees, his favourite thing about his shutter journey has been watching people grow and develop. Designing frames used across the UK, Rob’s deep knowledge of shutters is a source of pride, making the journey both fulfilling and exciting.

Looking ahead, Rob is enthusiastic about the future, staying dedicated to the legacy built on experience and a commitment to excellence.

Shutter Evolution

Over the years, Plantation Shutters Ltd has witnessed a significant change in shutter varieties. From traditional wooden shutters to the current offerings of customisation, including various colours, slat sizes, fittings, and materials, the company adapts to changing preferences. Offering shapes and motorised shutters, customers now have a diverse array of choices, more than what Rob could have dreamed off back in 1995.

As the journey continues, Plantation Shutters Ltd invites you to be part of the journey that has embodied craftsmanship and sustainability since 1982. To start your shutter journey, reach out to the team at 020 8871 9222 or fill in our online form for a quote or to arrange a measure appointment.