In the 40 years we have been established, Plantation Shutters have always sought to display a masterclass in shutter measure, supply and installation. We are constantly looking for new ways to help our clients and their home transformations in every possible way and to help deliver high quality products with the best service possible.


Shutters have been the bread and butter of what we do for years, and are naturally at the heart of Plantation Shutters. We have spent years fine tuning the shutter products we offer our clients and the workmanship that goes into having window dressings that don’t just look great but are built to last too. We identified that the best way to achieve a consistent finish of the highest quality was to have an all in house team of experts that are all highly skilled and provide the service to our clients that align with the company values that are so essential to the Plantation Shutters team.


When offering our clients the highest quality of products to help transform their home, shutters and awnings go hand in hand with shutters being the perfect solution for interior windows as a long lasting luxury product and awnings being a wonderful choice for the exterior of a home to provide shading to an area from the sun and ensure that the area is as well protected as possible when the sun shines. As with our shutter ranges, we offer a selection of different awning products from a brilliant entry level offering through to a top of the range choice with state-of-the-art technology featured within the internal build of the awning.


A natural progression from awnings, pergolas are the next level up from awnings as they offer a studier structure built to the garden space and provide a greater area of cover. These brilliant structures can be especially beneficial in higher properties that can be more exposed to wind as awnings can only deal with a level of wind in a property. Pergola structures can come with either a slatted or a retractable fabric roof choice so there are plenty of options for whatever the intention of the awning and your vision is.

Pergolas are the most luxurious products that we offer and as one of the only companies that supply this high-quality product in the South West London area, you can trust that the Plantation Shutters team will add this fantastic finish to your home without issue.


Blinds and shutters naturally go hand in hand and we occasionally find that that some homeowners like to ensure that we can offer them anything they need for their home. We, therefore, offer our clients a variety of different blind ranges to meet a variety of needs and blind styles that may come in handy for smaller windows or window styles that may not be suited for shutters.

To get more information about the brilliant products that the Plantation Shutters teams can offer your home and garden spaces, get in touch with our friendly team who will be delighted to assist you with any questions that you may have. You can contact us on 02088719222, email your enquiry to , or submit one of our Contact Forms with your details and we will be happy to assist you.

It’s the perfect time of year to consider an awning or pergola for your home as these additions are the ideal way to transform your outdoor spaces as the sun intensifies and summer is on our doorstep. Awnings have a 3-to-5-week lead time so within just a month your outdoor areas can be completely transformed and ready to enjoy.