Revolutionise Your Outdoor Living with Our Awnings!

Did you know that in addition to our renowned shutters and blinds, we also specialise in awnings? As we step into long, leisurely nights spent in our gardens, it’s time to introduce you to our transformative awnings that can truly revolutionise your outdoor living experience.

Imagine extending your outdoor space with our retractable garden and patio awnings. Rain or shine, they provide practical shelter while you enjoy the beauty of outdoor living.

At Plantation Shutters, we pride ourselves on offering top-tier awnings designed to merge aesthetics with functionality. With over four decades of experience, we understand the importance of quality and durability.

Why Opt for Awnings?

Awnings not only provide shade from the sun and protect from rain showers but add privacy to your outdoor space. Our awnings are incredibly versatile, offering a variety of finishes to seamlessly blend with any space and match your aesthetic preferences. Equipped with intelligent wind sensors, they automatically retract during gusty conditions for added safety.

What are the different types of fabric finishes for awnings?

We offer a variety of finishes to seamlessly blend with any space and match your aesthetic preferences. Choose from our vast range of finishes to inspire your dream awning design. Whether you prefer a sleek and neutral fixture or a bold and bright aesthetic, we have block colour choices available in a variety of fabrics. For those seeking multi-tonal or patterned options, explore our libraries to find the perfect fit for your outdoor area. Our easy colour guide showcases the standard ranges available, or schedule an appointment with one of our expert measurers to view samples first hand.

Manual vs. Motorised Operation: Which Awnings Suit You Best?

Our manual awnings are operated through a hand crank, manual retractable awnings offer ease of use and reliability. With no need for electricity, they save on energy costs and easy to operate. For added convenience, opt for motorised awnings. Controlled by a remote, they require minimal effort, offering seamless adjustment with telescopic arms. Their mechanical system ensures a sleeker, more modern look compared to manual options, perfect for contemporary spaces.

Enhancing Your Awnings with Additional Features: What Options Are There?

But that’s not all! Enhance your awning with our additional features including built-in heating, lighting, and side screening systems, ensuring that every detail is tailored to your preferences. Rediscover your love for outdoor living as your awning allows you to enjoy the fresh air more often, leaving you in a state of relaxation serenity.


Find Your Ideal Outdoor Shade Solution: A Guide to Our Awnings for the perfect fit for your outdoor space:

Opal Design: Experience safety and style with wind lock technology and sleek design features.

Cassita: Enhance your outdoor aesthetics with versatile mounting options and customisable features.

Bobcat: Enjoy durability and ease of installation with proven performance and sleek design elements.

Puma: Benefit from efficiency and durability with compact cassette protection and streamlined installation.

Tiger: Discover superior protection and sleek design with advanced technology and compact structure.

Semina: Embrace exceptional value with a sophisticated cassette design and innovative features.


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