One of the many wonderful benefits interior plantation shutters offer is their ability to give great light control in a room. In certain rooms such as bedrooms, the ability for the shutters to successfully block out light is especially important and usually the predominant reason for dressing the windows. Here’s all you need to know about the room darkening abilities of shutters. 

Do shutters make a room dark?

Yes, shutters control light in rooms to varying levels between almost total darkness and exposing the window area to let as much light as possible through into the space. Slatted shutters open up a greater level of light control in a room as slats can be tilted to varying angles which effects the amount of light that shines through into the space.

Are shutters fully blackout?

Whilst shutters provide a brilliant level of darkness to a room, slight tolerance gaps are required for the smooth function of the shutters which can cause slight amounts of light bleed. Many clients find that light bleed is minimal and only really noticeable if there is a direct light source outside the window so the shutter panels themselves will be sufficient and provide enough darkness in a room for an excellent nights sleep. Where the most complete level of darkness is required however, for light sleepers or in nurseries for example, our integrated honeycomb blind is a brilliant way to enhance the darkening effect of the shutters. The foil-lined blind pulls down behind the shutter panels to block any light gaps to ensure that the most complete darkness level is achieved. 

Are there any features that effect the level of darkness that shutters can offer?

Most shutters have the same level of room darkening but there are some small design choices that can be selected to affect how much light is blocked. Café style shutters only part-cover windows so this style would not be suitable for rooms where full darkness is preferred. Tier on tier is another shutter style that can have an impact on the amount of light that filters through. This is because to prevent any scraping or damage, shutters with stacked panels require a small tolerance gap between tiers which adds another slight light bleed. Slats size is another consideration that can be made because larger slats result in less per panel and therefore fewer tolerance gaps. If you are unsure on the best variety of shutter designs for you, then we always recommend speaking with a shutter expert who will be able to help you find the best combination of design and technical features to suit your requirements. 

Are shutters better than curtains or blinds?

Homeowners find that the numerous benefits shutters have to offer including light, temperature and privacy control mean that shutters become their preference for windows over blinds or curtains. These other dressing options usually only have a completely open or closed function which can be more limiting for the possibilities of the window as less versatility is on offer. As shutters are custom manufactured and fixed to window spaces, they provide a more permanent solution for windows offering a brilliant longevity for the windows as well as an extra fixture to the window which can help with heating costs.

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