Plantation Shutters Ltd have an ideal solution for covering your Velux windows. Our shutters are fixed within the frames of the Velux, to allow the window to be opened and tilted as normal. As with all our shutters, the louvres are able to be moved up and down to allow as little or as much light in as you require, plus the panels themselves can also be opened.

Being a bespoke product, our shutters are made to fit the exact dimensions of your Velux window. Please note that only the full height style of shutters is available for these windows.

We have two options for installing shutters into Velux. Our standard method mounts the panel on to a frame – as the image above illustrates.

We can also slot the panels straight onto the Velux – like the image on the left-hand side illustrates – and is secured with concealed bolts (this particular style is only available with a silent tilt). If you have your Velux window size code, please contact us this and we can price your shutters based on this.