Last week we finally made our way to the fabulous Holiday House London 2017 to take a peek at some of the most extravagant creations from the biggest and the best of the interior design world. All in the name of a most worthy cause: Breast Cancer Research. And we’re very proud to say that we helped contribute to the construction of one of these exceptional showrooms in one of these stunning Maida Vale houses.

As we’ve mentioned in one of our previous posts covering the month-long event, we had the fantastic opportunity to work with the wonderful people at Turner Pocock on their offering to the event and we, therefore, set amongst some of the most awe-inspiring pieces etched into their room’s design.

The aptly named ‘Inviting Guest Room’ is perched on the top floor of the corner house and overlooks, what will be, the incredible garden of the £23 million properties. We hadn’t been into the room at all, save for when we installed out Full Height, MDF shutters, and that was back when the room was utterly vacant. So with that, we hadn’t had a chance to see anything that had been added, other than in the press photos.

Which it turns out, was nothing compared to being there to see the final result, which is an incredible ensemble thanks to all the incredible pieces donated or lent by all the collaborating vendors, ourselves included.

The first thing you notice as you enter, save for our shutters is the outstandingly ostentatious wallpaper. Christopher Farr Cloth’s ‘Carnival’ design is made up of blues, yellows and greys on a floral pattern it adds a sophisticated sense of fun to the room, making it very inviting.

The upholstery of the divan bed and its headboard has been assembled but the talented folks at Chase Erwin whose midnight blue option works perfectly with the bedside drawers, wallpaper and the stunning wardrobes that makes up the entire wall space. The bespoke headboard, stool and wardrobe doors were designed by chief furniture designers Ben Whistler. The luscious silk added to the wardrobe’s surface coming from Zimmer and Rhode. The fabric for the gorgeous stool right by the door to the bathroom is supplied by Turnell and Gigon who have worked with some of the biggest names in interior design throughout the years and you can see why.

All of the bedding that you see on their bed is from the extravagant suppliers Calvadini Linen whose designs work fantastically with the rest of the intricate colour schemes of the room.

One of the other stand-out pieces in the room is the bright yellow rocking chair from Heals that fits perfectly alongside the wallpaper and was a genius pick by Turner Pocock to add an extra flourish of colour and style to the room. 

The striking four drawer bedside tables were supplied by Chelsea Textiles from their extensive offerings of furniture as well as fabrics. Like the bed itself, they work perfectly with the wallpaper and the rest of the pieces that make up the room with their wicker handles.

Those enormously fun bedside lamps are provided by Turner Pocock themselves from their collection of furniture that quietly exists alongside their world-famous interior design service. They work perfectly to add that extra layer of personality to the bedroom.

Turner Pocock's 'Inviting Guest Room'

As many of the bedrooms that these infamous interior designers worked on were a challenge when it came making use of the space available, our shutters were the perfect option to give Turner Pocock some breathing room to let them carry out their work. This is because the panels fitted within the frame of the sash window, as they’re made to measure, thus opening up more space for them to use as they pleased for the rest of the room’s pieces.

This included the stunning framed photo to break up the appearance of the wall, supplied by Lumitrix who supply a plethora of amazing affordable prints that would fit nicely anywhere.

And the final touch was the beautiful rug beneath the bed which added an extra dimension to the room rounding the whole space off. The blue and white rug donated by The Rug Company goes perfectly with the rest of the space.

So there you have it, an incredible display put on by our friends at Turner Pocock. All for a great cause and just one of the many different rooms, different personalities and some amazing pieces that have gone into this massive project. Make sure you go along to see them all and take time. We were so happy to help contribute to space and hope that the event carries on for another 20 years. Be sure to check in with our blog page next week because we’ll be covering our five favourite rooms in the house.

Did you go along as well? Tell us what you enjoyed the most in the comment section below and as always please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today with any queries about interior window shutters that you may have. Our shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home, get in touch today.