That’s me admiring the logs produced by the managed forest owned by our manufacturer. When approximately more than 95% of shutters that appear in UK households are made in China, it is important that out of the Chinese suppliers you choose one that is forward-thinking and moving with the times.

Plantation Shutters Ltd uses the largest shutter manufacturer in the world and during one of my recent visits I was able to see the latest developments. One of the weak links within the chain of shutters was the sourcing of the wood, from several stand points – prices from wood suppliers would vary, either due to supply and demand or the local government slapping on an export tax as they felt fit, the quality of the wood would vary considerably – which would mean that our manufacturer would still only use the best wood sections but there was a lot of wastage.

Last year, they started to work with their own managed plantation forest and now they grow and harvest their own wood – this insures the quality is always good, the price is regulated and there is a proper trail from seedling to harvesting.