Moving forward from the last entry in our blog, you’ve now chosen the perfect shutters style for your home, the next big decision is for the colouring of those shutters. It’s a big decision and with many finishes and colours to choose from, it can be difficult.

People can feel overwhelmed by the brevity of choice when it comes to choosing a colour to suit your style, but the choice can be simplified. We’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of orders for window shutters throughout our many many years and those orders do follow certain trends of colour choice but some break away from tradition for the louder of projects. For this post, we’re going to help you understand the popular choices and bolder choices.

To understand what colour choice to make, we often tell our clients to evaluate the style of the room itself and what would fit well with the furniture and its colour coordination. For those clients of ours with light settings of white and cream schemes, we advise that any colour choice would be safe as white is a very neutral colour. These clients typically opt for a traditional Pure White through to Pearl which lets the shutters blend in with the room.

However some of our clients like to have their shutters stand out with a piece of furniture or another fixture in their home such as a bannister on stairs so will opt for a stained, darker or natural wood finish.

Stained Finish Shutters

Like those who desire off-set colour coordination for their traditionally designed home. Those who have a modern and minimalist décor often opt for darker such as Mattingley 267 to suit a grey granite finish they may have in their kitchen for instance but a traditional Silk White in a minimal living room at the same time.   

Some clients with a darker layout in their rooms prefer a darker colour set to go alongside it such as a home office painted a warm maroon or a cooling grey. For the maroon office, I would suggest a dark shade would work with the room such as Chai through to Clay but some of the Stain options could suit a room like this as well with choices such as Black Walnut, Wenge, Old Teak and Cocoa.

Over the years we have worked in some outstanding homes that are traditional and classic as well as homes that break the sound barrier for their bold interiors that they incorporate into their choices for finishes of colours.

Custom Colour Match Shutters

With pinks, and yellows and green, we’ve helped these loud and proud homeowners put their personal stamp on their homes as you can see from the pictures above. These colours come into reality thanks to our Custom Colour match option where our clients can find their colour thanks to our bit of tech that fins their desired colour though the Farrow and Ball range of colour options.

So just like choosing your style of shutter, the colour you choose for those shutters to come in is utterly dependant on your personal wishes. There isn’t really any absolute rule to follow other than ‘Do what you want.’

I hope these pictures and my explanations will help you with your decision making. But by all means, please feel free to call us on 020 8871 9222 or email one of the amazing members of our in house team with whatever questions you may have.