Many consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about where purchases for their homes are being sourced from and the environmental effect that various materials can have. At Plantation Shutters, we understand the importance of this and are always looking to take the steps to ensure that all of our shutters come from responsibly managed forests wherever available.

To ensure that our clients understand where their shutters are being sourced from, we have provided some information on the materials from one of our suppliers.

The majority of the materials in our brilliant range of shutters come from the same supplier in China. This manufacturer of our MDF, Hardwood, Pearlwood, and Waterproof materials has pledged their commitment to responsible and resilient manufacturing practices that will ensure that environmental and social impacts are minimised from the shutters supplier. It is essential to Plantation Shutters that the factory we source from has a responsibility report that covers both the environmental effect of the manufacturing of the shutters as well as the social responsibility to its workers. The factory we use is one of the only shutter factories in China to have published this report.

Responsibility reports are a very important consideration for any reputable supplier to ensure that they are making the best choices and that any affiliated suppliers or factories are working in the best interests of their workers and the environment. It is our aim that shutters should not just last for the longest possible time in our client’s homes to reduce the waste of changing window dressings, but they are also contributing to a sustainable planet.

The wood that is used to make Craftwood MDF is sourced from Australia, New Zealand, and Chile, with most providers holding FSC and PEFC certificates for forest management. Our Hardwood and Pearlwood material options are made from Basswood. The Basswood used is predominantly sourced from Cuba, with parts of the painted Pearlwood sourced from North American Hardwood mills under the American Hardwood Export Council regulations. Pearlwood stained wood that is sourced from China doesn’t get taken from natural forests but instead comes from specially set up self-regulating areas where a new tree is planted every time one is knocked down. Slightly different Pearlwoods are used depending on whether a painted or stained finish is selected as the wood variations respond differently to these different colouring methods.

It is important that our manufacturers meet the standards set so that we can guarantee the quality provided to our clients and ensure that their preference for sustainable and considered shopping is met. We also have other products on offer from managed forests in Romania which attract a shorter lead time (being European based) and have a more simplistic design than the Chinese possibilities sourced materials.

The CSR report that our suppliers/ manufacturer produces aims to help improve efficiency and costs whilst helping people and the planet. This is a commitment that the production of the shutters will not have a negative effect on the environment and that steps will be taken to ensure that any carbon effect that may have come will be offset by planting trees, using sustainable materials, and careful practices when using machinery, paints, and other required materials for the shutters.

Our manufacturer is committed to reducing environmental impact and building resilient manufacturing processes throughout the production of our products, from sourcing and manufacturing to the finished product you see in your homes.

All of our teams operate in-house, with all of our surveyors and installers based in our same Battersea office/ warehouses which allows us to work in a more environmentally efficient way. Where more than one of our team is required on a job, the experts travel together in one van to reduce the carbon footprint of the journeys being undertaken. Our logistics team carefully plans the days of our measurers and fitters to ensure that they work from the same area throughout the day which also helps to reduce the environmental impact of our fleet.

It is also beneficial to choose a supplier for your shutters that has an all-in-house team of experts who are responsible for the measurement and installation of your new shutters. By not subcontracting out for this workmanship it ensures the highest quality finishes that are long-lasting and have the best possible finishes available.

In today’s climate, it is vitally important that companies are transparent about where their materials are sourced from and Plantation Shutters are committed to ensuring that we meet this requirement. If you would like more information about your shutters, where the materials used are sourced from or just any details about the shutters then our friendly team is here to help with anything you may need.

It is essential to the service we provide to our clients that we provide not only the highest quality shutters available, but all of the materials are sourced from ethical sources that have the least impact on their surroundings possible.

If you would like to chat with our friendly team about your shutter or awning needs then you can call us on 02088719222, email, or submit an online enquiry using the contact forms available on our website.