Plantation are a subtly stylish choice for your windows that are great at saving space, allowing total flexibility with your privacy and access to natural light that look stunning in any space, in any home. But sometimes we need an extra layer.

We understand the importance of getting that perfect night’s sleep and only a pitch-black bedroom will do. But if you have a little angel or devil (depends on how much sleep they get) bedtime can already be an epic journey in itself. So, that’s why we brought in the room darkening blinds as an extra for your plantation shutters. If you want that pitch-black feeling for a room, but you don’t want an unattractive blind that makes you feel like you’re in quarantine, then our room darkening blinds are perfect. Behind the shutters themselves, they can provide your sleeping space with that perfect aesthetic. Along with the choice for a cocoon-like space for you or your little ones. An added bonus, if you needed one, is that better sleep leads to much better development for the little ones and a healthier you.

Clinging to the inside of the window frames they consume all the areas where light from outside that creeps through and interrupts your snooze. All done without ugly tracks that would have to be mounted permanently. When you do want that natural light to pour through, simply lift the very lightweight blind up and fix it to the top of the frame and behind the top of the shutter’s panel. You won’t even notice it’s there and you’ll be able to use our shutters just as smoothly as always.

‘They do look really good and we are very happy with them – The blackout blinds in the bedrooms are revolutionary!’

Most people think that our room darkening blinds are only for the bedroom and they certainly are, but they also have some huge potential in other areas of the home. I imagine I’m not alone in this but when you’ve had a hell of a day at work. Spent the entire time clock watching, waiting for that moment where you can go home and stick on that movie that you’ve been dying to see. You really want that cinema feel, you have the movie, the oversized drink and some popcorn. But the atmosphere isn’t quite there. That’s where our room darkening blinds come into great use in the living room.

We’ve already preached to the stars, moon and sun about how our plantation shutters are great for allowing you that cosy sense of privacy and if anything, our room darkening blinds reinforces this, if not, takes it to new heights.

Along with that, the blinds, as they are blackout blinds, add an extra layer of insulation for your window. Just like another layer of glazing, working to keep the heat in your home from escape so they can lead to further savings when it comes to energy bills. So great for you and great for the environment too!

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