Dive into a legacy of trust, quality, and unmatched expertise with Plantation Shutters Ltd. Since 1982, we’ve been the go-to choice for homeowners valuing the highest quality shutters. A team with decades of experience, our dedicated experts, some with over 10 years of service, bring unparalleled knowledge to every project – ensuring no ask is too big or small.

Here’s what to expect when you embark on your shutter journey with us:

  1. 1. Expert Guidance:

Your journey begins with a team that knows shutters inside out. Thinking of tier-on-tier shutters, or considering café style, but don’t know where to begin? Get in touch by giving us a call, dropping us an email, or submitting one of our online forms. With over 40 years of experience, we provide expert advice tailored to your needs. Beyond aesthetics, our shutters, backed by decades of craftsmanship, significantly reduce heat loss (up to 33%), making your home warm and energy-efficient.

  1. 2. Transparent Pre-Quote:

Worried about hidden costs? Don’t be. Get a pre-quote by providing us with rough measurements of your windows, you can trust us to lay out all costs involved. Including materials, delivery, and installation charges. Our shutters, a symbol of longevity, promise durability, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

  1. 3. Personalised Survey:

Ready to finalise costs with a team you can trust? Schedule a survey with our expert surveyors. With decades of experience, they bring samples, discuss designs, and take precise measurements. They help you to bring your vision to life and advise what is best for you. Accuracy and perfection are at the core, ensuring shutters fit perfectly into your fully completed windows.

  1. 4. Smooth Ordering Process:

Chosen your material, picked the perfect colour and finalised configurations? You’re ready to place your order with a 50% deposit. Our financial stability, complete ownership of buildings, and a fleet of vehicles ensure we’re here for longevity. Your shutter needs are not just met; they’re exceeded. After placing your order, sit back and relax knowing your shutters are in production and on the way to you.

  1. 5. Installation Day Excitement:

The moment arrives! On installation day, our team, backed by four decades of expertise, fits your shutters. A small request: clear the work area before our arrival. Rest easy, as we ensure your quality shutters are fitted perfectly. Before leaving we will go through how to care for your shutters to ensure you get the most out of them.

  1. 6. Embrace Your New Shutters:

Installation complete, it’s time to enjoy the benefits. Experience enhanced privacy, improved insulation, and the timeless aesthetic of shutters, with 5 years warranty. Fancy more? Enjoy a 10% loyalty discount. We ensure your journey with Plantation Shutters Ltd is as delightful as the shutters themselves. Welcome to a world of elegance, sustainability, and unmatched trust!

Get in touch today to start your journey with us. Give us a call on 0208871 9222 or fill in our quick and easy online form.