Have you been watching ITV’s new series Cleaning Up on Wednesday nights?

This drama is about an ordinary working-class mum, Sam played by Sheridan Smith, who is caught between being a devoted working single mum and the dangerous world of insider trading. Struggling with a gambling addiction, Sam overhears one of the Traders talking about a huge deal that could make them 1000’s of pounds and realises that she now has access to lucrative Stock Market information which if she uses correctly could be the answer to all her troubles. Set in Canary Wharf and modern suburbia, Cleaning Up explores how far Sam will go to survive and get her life back on track.    

Why are we talking about Cleaning Up? Well, it turns out a house we fitted our shutters in has become a large part of the series. Sam not only cleans the building in Canary Wharf she also cleans a home in the suburbs.

We are very proud to have our shutters on television and if you want to watch the program or want to read more about it, visit: Cleaning Up

Also if you want to take a further look inside the home, visit Stunning shutters to match a stunning Richmond home