The all-important question at the end of the day when it comes to buying shutters for your home. We’ve always claimed that window shutters represent an investment in your homes’ outlook. And as this has a pinpoint effect on you, we know you want to see how your choice of stunning shutters will look once they’re up. So we’ve put together sets of images and some information to help you out.

When you’re deciding on which of our shutter styles to choose from it can be daunting from the traditional full height shutters that will completely cover your windows but at the same time has a very simple function to get to that all-important sunlight.

Café style is one of our most popular options more focused on privacy than anything else however does provide full exposure to natural light. Most of our clients enjoy Tier on Tier which is the compromising option as you can have that near the dark effect that you get with full height but swing the top set of panels wide open while keeping the bottom set to shut, maintaining privacy.

The other option to these styles is the solid shutter. Among some of the oldest styles of shutters in existence, they provide the closest thing to a blackout option as they are, well solid. Their proud and sturdy appearance coupled with their space-saving nature makes them a great option for the privacy-conscious.

The final option is the Special shaped shutters that are easily the most versatile option that’s on offer as they are manufactured to fit a multitude of spaces. Meaning that you don’t need to panic if you think your window would be impossible to fit shutters too. From arches to triangles, no issue with this choice.

What are Full Height shutters?

Full height shutters for sash & bay windows

As this choice covers the entire length of a window, it is one of the most popular choices of styles we have on offer as they provide a beautiful aesthetic for any room when the sun reflects off of the louvres (slats) when they’re opened.

What are Café Style shutters?

Cafe style shutters for sash & bay windows

Only covering the bottom half of the window, café style shutters are ideal for those not wishing for street onlookers while constantly letting light into your house. With this being London, that is and always has been a relevant problem to contend within the ground floor flats of the city. It’s a good option if you want to mix and match them with blinds or curtains.

What are tier on tier shutters?

Tier on tier shutters for sash & bay windows

For the self-confessed control freak. These shutters cover the entire window like full height but are made up of twice as many panels that can be opened independently as you can see from the picture above. This lets you control the light with more ease than any other option.

What are solid panel shutters?

Solid panel shutters are the closest thing to a blackout shutter option that we offer with their secure, flat-faced structure. They can come as full height, café style or tier on tier option offering the same flexibility as the other style with louvres. Their very traditional style likened to the first designs of shutters from the Victorian and Georgian times. As with their solid appearance, they add a perceived level of security and noise insulation to your windows.

What are special shape shutters?

Special shaped shutters for arch & triangular windows

The final option available to you is the special-shaped shutter that is available for those with unconventional window designs where there is a very limited set of options for their window dressing as it would be very difficult or impossible to hang curtains or blinds to them. We’ve found that these windows usually come in the form of a triangular or arched shape. So don’t feel daunted by it, there is always a way.

By the end of it, all that really should ever come into your decision-making process is the understanding that there is always an option. It’s all down to your taste. And on top of the flexibility of choice that comes when choosing a style, you flexibility (freedom) can be stretched further with our choices for colours for your shutters, size of louvres and whether or not you want a tilt rod to aid you with opening or closing your shutters. Shutters themselves have always revolved around what you want from them, not what the limitations of choice you think you have.

I hope these pictures and my explanations will help you with your decision making. But by all means, please feel free to call up on 020 8871 9222 or email one of the amazing members of our in house team with whatever questions you may have.