White shutters have greatly increased in popularity over recent years with almost all clients choosing from our lovely standard white finishes as their preferred colour choice. But what has accounted for this rise in popularity?

Energy Efficiency

Shutters are generally a great energy efficient window dressing solution and this efficiency is increased when the shutters are painted white. When panels and slats are closed, the white colour reflects solar radiation away from window and stops it heating a room. This is brilliant for use during hot summer months as it can avoid the requirement for expensive cooling systems and improve general comfort in a room. In colder winter months, slats and/ or panels can be opened to let any direct light heat up the space and then closed in the evening to trap the heat in the room.

Increased Light

The reflectivity of white shutters means that they can help to brighten a room. This is most effectively achieved when slats are opened and the light bounces off and reflects onto the ceiling to make the whole area much brighter, particularly if a light colour has been chosen for the paint colour. The increased light in a room can reduce the need for artificial lighting and save money. White shutters also reflect artificial lights within the room to make them more effective, so if dimmer switches etc are in place, a lower light level can chosen for the room reducing overall usage.

Easy Colour Pairing

White shutters are a brilliant design choice for any room because they pair fantastically with any décor and colour scheme that has been chosen for the room. Whether subtle neutral tones make up the majority of the colour scheme or a brighter, bolder, design have been chosen for the room décor, white shutters will match wonderfully with whatever is in place. The beauty of this that no matter how you choose to adapt your room décor as your tastes and preferences change over time, the white shutters will still tie in wonderfully with the space.

Modern Design

For those looking to achieve a more modern overall look for their shutters, white finishes are the best option as staining choices often make up the more traditional options of the two. Choosing a hidden tilt control system to pair with white shutters will also embody the most modern look possible for the shutters.

We have a vast range of white colour choices in our standard range with Pure White and Silk White being the most popular painted options and Limed White the most popular white stain. If one of our many standard range whites does not take your fancy then custom colour is also an option where an electronic laser eye can match to any colour of your choice so no matter what theme you are opting for in your interior décor, your shutters will match perfectly.

If you would like some stunning new white shutters for your home, Plantation Shutters are the company to help you. Shutters are a long term investment for your home so you want to know that the best possible team are on the case when you choose to add this transformative dressing to your home. With 40 years’ experience and an all in-house team of measurers and fitters, the Plantation Shutters team are the perfect choice for helping make your shutter vision become a reality. To start your journey today, you can call our friendly office team on 02088719222, email hello@plantation-shutters.co.uk or visit our website at plantation-shutters.co.uk where you can submit measurements to our Online quote calculator or submit a Contact us form to request a call back from the team to assist with your enquiry.