One of the brilliant things about a custom product is that every part of your shutters is selected by you. Each choice on a specific detail takes you a step closer to your perfect shutters and a completely transformed window area.

Some decisions come naturally, or easily with a little research, but others can become real sticking points. Colour choice is often one of these and can see some chasing around in circles with the available options even after slat sizes, shutter style and material are all ticked off.

The real fun begins when the finer colour choices come into play. Looking for white shutters? No problem! Is that Pure White, Silk White, Extra White, Satin White, Bright White, Pearl… the list goes on. Not to worry though, that’s where colour samples, expert design consultations and our showroom come in. Before delving into those finite details, initial choices will point you in the right direction for what you are looking for and one of these early considerations and a question that we regularly come across is whether shutters be lighter or darker than their surrounding walls.

Just like all design selections, the answer to this question very much comes down to personal preference and what you are looking to achieve in your interiors. Start with a conscious consideration early – how do you want the shutters to feature in each room? Decide whether you want your shutters to blend seamlessly into the chic architecture or be a statement addition to the space.

The most common choice for painted shutters is often to choose a finish that is the same colour as the walls or lighter rather than opting for a darker option which will stand out in the overall aesthetic. That said, choosing darker shutters can create a wonderful contrast so this is still a popular choice for those looking make bolder statements in their design.

If you’re finding yourself on the fence on whether to go for a lighter or darker colour finish then here’s some useful questions that may help you make a decision.

What design finish are you looking to achieve with the shutters?

If your intention is for the shutters to seamlessly blend into the space then matching the wall colour or going lighter will be the most successful way to give the look of the shutters being a built in part of the room. Alternatively, if you want your shutters to stand out as their own design entity then a contrast colour finish against the wall will really for the wall is a great way to make this happen.

Will you be redecorating the room anytime soon?

It is recommend that shutters are the final flourish of any room that is being decorated or renovated in a room for a couple of reasons. Ahead of shutter installation, all decoration should be finished as once the shutters are installed it can be harder to access this window space. A top notch finish will ensure that you do not have to worry about working around the shutters once installed.

If you are considering changing the room colour to something dramatically different in the future then you should keep this in mind when selecting your shutter finish. Shutters are exceptionally long lasting so for any planned significant changes in room colour, neutral shutters are the safest bet to know that these will still look great in the room for years to come.

What will the shutters look like from outside?

It can be easy to forget when choosing your shutter colours and finishes that your shutters won’t just look great from inside but from outside too. Curb appeal is actually one of the benefits that really sets shutter apart from other window dressings as other options don’t have the same stunning effect as luxurious shutters. What works brilliantly inside of a room may not look as effective as an external view with the outside aesthetic of the property. Occasionally, there are some restrictions in place in multiple dwelling builds or streets that aim to maintain continuity in the overall building view. Ahead of installing a bright or unusual shutter then be sure to check in on what is possible and what is not.

Our team are here to help you through every step of your shutter order and so if struggling through with any of the design options we’re on hand to assist. When our expert surveyors undertake a full measure appointment, they bring colour samples of all of the different available options so you can hold these up against your wall colour and decide whether a darker or lighter finish for your shutters is best for you. If none of our standard colours take your fancy, then you can colour match to a colour of your choice with our custom colour matching service.

If you want to see full sized examples of the shutters, we have available then why not visit our showroom where we have many different styles, designs, and materials on display so you can see exactly what your shutters will look like when installed to your window.

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