Technical Information

For a better idea of what makes up our shutters, here is a technical guide to their set up with information about every part that makes up the shutters from the structure of each joint to the flexibility of slat size and the inclusion of a magnet as method of securing the frame when the shutter panel is shut.

Shutter panel terminology


By default the factory determines the rail size for each order, unless specified otherwise in the notes on the order form. Unless a divider rail(s) is specified, top & bottom rails will be the same size. Rail sizes are normally larger than 80mm*. Different rail sizes can be requested though the combination of a fixed overall panel drop and louvre sizes means that it may not always be technically possible to fulfill every custom rail request.

We recommend ordering all shutters for one room at the same time in order to achieve matching rail sizes. Different windows that are side by side or within the same room must be identified and where rail size is important to the overall finish, dimensions must be specified.

Generally the rail sizes will be larger than 80mm, but it does not mean that rail sizes bigger than 80mm are always with in warranty, the minimum rail size will differ from each order and depend on panel width, height and louvre size. Usually, the rail size will be supplied with in warranty, and only adjusted when the customer requests divider rails exact or specify the rail size. If rails are out of warranty the order will be placed on hold.

Standard Divider Rails

The divider rail size is 76.2mm high. Different divider rail sizes cannot be ordered in Craftwood MDF.

If the panel height is greater than 1879mm one or more divider rails are required. If the height from the centre of the divider rail to the top of the top rail or bottom of the bottom rail is 1879mm or more, then another divider rail is required. Its positions should be specified at time of ordering. If the order specifies that a divider rail is not required then all warranties on the order are automatically waived.

Specified rail position is taken from the base of the shutter set to the centre point of the rail, except for solid based which is from the bottom to the top of the divider rail.

The centre rail can deviate by + or – the amount of millimetres shown below. If the divider rail is to be exact with no deviation then this must be noted on the order card under the notes when placing the order.

Louvre Size – Allowable +/- Deviation

47mm ➜ 19mm
64mm ➜ 25mm
76mm ➜ 31mm
89mm ➜ 38mm
114mm ➜ 51mm

Light block Capabilities

Shutters are light controlling but not black out. Varying levels of light filtration between louvres, frames and panels may occur. If you are sensitive to light then you could consider our integrated room darkening blind to increase light blocking capabilities, however this is an optional extra and not required for most shutters.


Concealed Hinges

Concealed Hinges by Plantation Shutters Ltd

To find out more, please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email us your enquiries.



We supply magnets on our shutter frames to ensure that the shutter panels remain securely closed. Extra magnet catches are also attached on the side stiles of bi-fold configurations so that the panels remain together when folded back.

Magnets on Panel & Frame

Mortise & Tenon Joinery

All our shutters are manufactured using mortise and tenon joinery, which resists the shear and racking forces endured by shutters to ensure prolonged quality and durability.

Mortise & Tenon Joinery


We use reinforced engineered stiles, where the core is reinforced with multiple layers of wood bonded together. The result is a robust support system for shutter panels.


The following stile sizes are available:

Standard – 41.3mm x 28.6mm

Types of Stile

Types of Stiles

The type of stiles on our shutters may vary depending on type of fitting, which will be of our discretion. If you have any preferences as to type of style, please inform our team on ordering.


We have an extensive range of frames available for both inside and outside mounted shutters, in addition to those shown in the Mounting Options section. For more information, please call us and we will be happy to provide you with pictures and to advise you as to the most suitable frame for you.

For further information, please call us on 020 8871 9222 or email us your enquiries.

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