Dress your children’s bedroom or little one’s nursery with new shutters, a children’s bedroom is a haven of colour and fun, and one that is likely to double up as a playroom. It’s the room in the house where you can let your creativity run a little wild, introduce a style and theme to the room that bursts personality and fun. Your child’s bedroom should have style but also practicality; a sanctuary to wave goodbye to the busy day and prepare them for a good night’s rest, our shutters are the perfect solution and answer to a window covering for your children’s rooms.

Shutters create both a classic and contemporary feel to the home. They are a modern addition to interior design, with clean and crisp lines and quality to their design, and what’s more a faultless choice for your little darling’s den. With creativity comes choice, shutters are excellent for adapting to different colour themes. There is, of course, the lean towards a Pure White and classic option, but of the possibilities are endless with choices and options. Shutters can be painted in a wide range of colours and introduce a little more imagination into your children’s room.

Full HeightCraftwood MDF64mm (Classic Slat Size)Central Tilt RodNickel Plated HingesSilk White

When looking at alternatives for your windows, you’re also looking at a series of safety nightmares with the chords that hang from blinds being a danger every parent would rather see their child avoid. Shutters are attached to the window frame, there is no dangerous chord dangling waiting for that unexpected accident. Just pure bliss!

Window shutters are easy to look after perfect for those sticky fingers! All you need to keep your shutters in pristine condition is a cloth and/or hoover. A very quick sweep and swipe and they’ll be looking good as new. No need for a cauldron of impossibly priced cleaning fluid or to drag anything to dry cleaners only to have to endure extortionate costs.

Hardwood – Full HeightIn Vogue (76mm)Pure WhiteWhite Hinges

Something that will always be important to any family is Privacy. They offer a secure appearance for your home that will put off nosey onlookers from the street and give you that peace of mind. Along with privacy, shutters are perfect for keeping your children’s bedrooms the best possible temperature. During the chilly winter months, the shutters provide good insulation, and in warm weather, prevent too much sunlight entering the room. Just perfect to maintain exceptional surroundings for your offspring.

Hardwood – Full HeightIn Vogue (76mm)Pure WhiteWhite Hinges

Plantation Shutters are still the best at saving you that precious space around your home and adding to your interior style, get in touch today. Browse our many options or style in our shutter gallery, or call one of a friendly team today: 020 8871 9222.