Recommendations are an important part of our business and the reason we got this job was because of the wonderful recommendation from our client’s Mother-in-law in Croydon. She suggested our shutters were a great option to create privacy from the outside patio into the living room.

The great thing about these particular shutters is they aren’t your usual by folding shutters. They are on a tracking system so they can open right up and sit flat against the wall leaving all the extra space for the furniture and not having to block or move anything around in the room.

Being a smaller space, they didn’t want to have to block out all the natural light when wanting some privacy and shutter are a great solution for that. By having the panels closed and the slats open you get the maximum amount of light and air flow coming into the room without having to compromise on space or privacy. Choosing shutters was a no-brainer for our clients.

As stated above, a 180° bi-folding tracking system with Full Height shutters was chosen for their patio doors as they were the best-suited option for the window. To add to the maximum light-control our larger slat size, Modern (84mm), was chosen along with our best-selling material, Craftwood/MDF, to continue with the elegant style of the home. They then chose the shutters to be pure white to match the wall paint to completely melt into the window frame seamlessly.


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