Plantation Shutters cover a huge span of the south of England including London, its surrounding areas, Kent, Surrey and Hampshire. Having representatives in these areas allows window transformations to take place over a wide area span and ensures that Plantation Shutters exceptional service and product quality is available to as many people as possible.

In this lovely Woking home, shutters have been installed by our Plantation Shutters South team to the entirety of the ground floor to transform the windows and create a beautiful aesthetic for the home. Here is a representation of the style and quality that shutters can add to a space. 

All of the shutters for this property are a Pure White colour to achieve a beautiful bright white finish. Unsurprisingly, this fresh and modern colour finish is the most popular choice in our range thanks to its ability to compliment both neutral and statement colour interiors. This homeowner has chosen to pair the lovely Pure White colour choice with 64mm slats to give a great distribution of slats amongst the panels.  

A tracked shutter within the open plan kitchen/diner has been added to the patio doors to create a feature piece leading to an outdoor space and extends the entirety of the area width of the living/ dining area. The effect of this creates a wonderful coverage of the whole door and window area that leads to the outdoor space.

Full height shutters with a divider rail are the ideal style for long tracked shutters because the divider rail provides the necessary support for the height of the shutter panel and also divides the slat usage in the shutter so the top and bottom half are controlled separately. Top and bottom slats being controlled independently gives a great level of control to the shutters and enhances the benefits that are available from the shutters. For example, privacy in the room can be enhanced by having the top slats completely closed and leaving the bottom slats open but tilted to an angle that keeps some natural light shining through into the room. This effect can also be achieved on the reverse if desired by closing the bottom slats completely and opening up the top panels instead.

Track systems allow the shutters to be folded back and expose the window area as needed which ensures that the shutters can be as flexible of a dressing as the room requires. Tracks also open up a long list of benefits and functional positives to the room including enhanced privacy for the space, and a brilliant level of light control, especially with the divider rail featured in shutters that extend the full length of the window area.

Auto close means that the shutters only need a slight guidance to close and they will shut completely with minimal effort which further enhances the ease of use that is experienced by homeowners who choose this option. The ease of Auto Close shutters makes them a brilliant choice for any home and can make the addition of shutters even more seamless – what’s not to love?

The fixings of the shutters have been selected to match the colour of the panels which means that all hinges and hardware required to fix the shutters into place will be identical in colour so there is a seamless transition between every element of the shutter.

The windows around this client’s front door are particularly large and make the entrance fairly exposed. The curtains that had been installed to dress the windows previously were limiting as to achieve any reasonable privacy level from the outside the curtains need to completely cover the window which, in turn, makes the room itself particularly dark.

With a mostly grey décor across their home, this client has given themselves a pallet base that will pair brilliantly with white shutters. White shutters are the most popular colour option because they pair wonderfully with the majority of colours chosen for a home’s decor and are also the most effective for energy efficiency in the home as well as brightening the space.

These shutters will be in place for many years to come, providing all of the temperature control, privacy, and light-adjusting benefits as well as the luxurious finish they offer to every room in which they have been installed. If you would like to transform your own home with shutters, then Plantation Shutters and Plantation Shutters South are here to help you with all your needs. You can contact us on 02088719222 to book in for a full survey or visit our dedicated South page or website. We can’t wait to speak to you soon!