The Plantation Shutters team have recently had the privilege of working in a stylish building that has been converted to apartments and the interiors of this home are the perfect combination of elegant and timeless.

We love all of the gorgeous finishes that have been chosen for this home which wonderfully combine luxury with beautiful clean lines that make a seamless transition from room to room.

Here are some of the lovely design choices that have been selected for these stunning shutters to tie in so wonderfully with every part of the property:

3 different styles have been selected across each of the windows depending on requirement; café style, café with a hidden break and full height with a mid-rail and a hidden break.

Hidden breaks have the same simplistic and unbroken look as undivided shutters without slat breaks but offer the benefit of slats being manoeuvred in different blocks. This provides a greater versatility to the shutter function as some sections can be opened to allow more light to shine into a room with others remaining closed to ensure privacy levels in the room are maintained. Where a divider rail is not required, homeowners often prefer hidden breaks as slats still appear to be one complete section and so look cohesive in design.

Full height style shutters extend the full way up the window to create an entire coverage of the space which enhances each of the possible benefits that shutters can offer, particularly light blockage which is beneficial in bedrooms.

Every set of shutters installed to this property have been manufactured in our luxury all wood Pearlwood material which is a stunning lightweight mix of paulownia and basswoods for a strong yet beautiful grain finish that gives a brilliant finish to any shutters.

76mm was the slat size of choice and is the middle of our three popular options; 64mm, 76mm and 89mm. Also known as ‘In Vogue’, 76mm slats provide the ideal mix of fewer slats being featured in a panel meaning less tolerance gaps and more light shining through the room.

The windows in this property are a really interesting green colour. To achieve a lovely pairing, some of our warmer white options have been selected to still bring the benefits white shutters offer to homes without disrupting the unity between the window colour and the stunning interiors of the property. Silk white and Ivory lace are the two colours features combined with Pearl and White hinges which blend to the panel colour.

To operate the shutters, an internal mechanism has been built into the panel, we call this ‘without a tilt rod’. The cog chain operation means that a singular slat can be tilted in the whole section and all the other slats in the section will be manoeuvred to the same angle. In the hidden break shutters, multiple sections can be tilted at different angles as desired whereas the full height shutters have a single section of all slats angling together. 

The panel configuration that has been chosen for the windows is a ‘LLR’ opening meaning two panels bi-fold open to the left and one panel opens to the right. We often find that the panels on café style shutters are not regularly opened as the space above lightens a room without the need to touch the shutters. Often, slats are the only part operated as these can be tilted to control light and privacy levels in the room.

Shaped arch windows make a beautiful and unique addition to any home and often feature as one of the most eye-catching central design elements of a room. When such a beautiful shape is featured in the room, covering the entirety of the shape would be a real shame but is often the only option with blinds or curtains. That’s where shutters come in to their own as they can be custom manufactured to any window shape, ensuring that even with slats and panels closed for light and privacy blocking purposes, this lovely shape is still featured. As this client has done, some homeowners choose to mostly install café style shutters to their shaped windows as a brilliant way to boost the privacy of a space whilst still allowing lots of light to shine though the top of the window to keep the room bright with light blockage achieved with the accompanying curtains when needed.

The layered chic design that runs through every room creates a tailored and edited appearance and the shutters have assisted in elevating this gorgeous home to new levels. Amongst the stunning luxury of the home, beautifully selected pieces tastefully pull together every part of the home for a cohesive look room to room which we have fallen in love with. We would like to thank this client once again for allowing us to transform the windows in their stunning home with shutters that will be a long lasting and gorgeous addition! 


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