Bay windows are a common style of window found in many London homes and shutters are popularly selected as an ideal window dressing of choice.

Fitting shutters to bay windows can be complex because there are multiple different styles of bay windows and the requirement to dress each is different. Every bay window style will have different angles and different needs. The overall aesthetic will very much depend on a combination of design preferences and the style of the bay window that is in place.

Standard Bay windows

Classic bay windows usually have three sections and are the most common style found in London homes. Often the back panel will be flat, and the sides angled out creating that traditional bay window shape that would come to mind.

Full-height shutters tend to be the most popular style of shutter to be fitted on bay windows as having this wonderful dressing extending the whole height of the area creates a great level of coverage which boosts privacy due to their uninterrupted coverage, making them ideal for bedrooms or street-facing windows. They also offer excellent light control and added insulation to regulate the temperature of your house. Their sleek elegant appearance can enhance the overall aesthetics of your living space.

Tier on tier shutters are also a wonderful option for bay windows in living rooms as the possibility of controlling the top and bottom panels independently gives additional versatility to the use of the shutters. They offer a great balance between privacy and natural light.

Wooden shutter materials tend to be best suited for bay windows as the nature of the materials means they are lighter in weight which allows for larger panels.

Box bay windows

A box bay window is exactly as it sounds. It features either a generously sized single window or an array of individual panels that lie flush against the back of the window. The panels join at a 90-degree angle forming a window structure that resembles either a half-rectangle or a square. To achieve a seamless and harmonious appearance for box bay window shutters, it’s often necessary to incorporate corner posts at these intersections. This thoughtful addition ensures that the panels flow seamlessly from one segment to another, culminating in a flawlessly integrated window dressing.

Curved/ bow bay windows

Curved bay windows, often referred to as bow windows, boast a striking architectural design consisting of multiple window sections, typically comprising four or five distinct panels. These panels seamlessly merge with one another, while these bay windows undoubtedly enhance the aesthetics of a room, their unique curvature presents a challenge when it comes to window dressing. Achieving an elegant appearance without compromising on their distinctive shape can be a daunting task.

Enter shutters, the perfect solution for this intricate window style. Their tailor-made construction allows for the creation of customized posts between each panel, mirroring the curvature of the window itself. The inclusion of custom bay posts is instrumental in guaranteeing that the shutters attain a flawless, flush finish whilst preserving the window’s natural curve. The devil, as they say, is in the details and these touches truly make the difference between a high-quality finish and one that lacks the finesse of skilled craftsmanship.

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