Our latest fitting brought us to a home in Wimbledon, south-west London to fit shutters onto an arched window on their landing and I think you can agree that it looks stunning.

With the window being quite so small in height and having the sofa there below it, making it hard for our client to have any other option for a window dressing other than shutters. So they contacted us and one of our expertly trained and experienced surveyors paid them a visit to discuss what it is the client wanted for their window.

As the window itself was rather small and had an arched shape, the client agreed with our surveyor on selecting the style of the special shape as it would ensure flexibility for our client with their access to natural light in the space.

In addition to the selected shutter style, the client then discussed the material of the shutters themselves and decided to choose our premium and stylish Pearlwood option which is one of the finest quality timbers that we offer and a true favourite selection amongst our customers with its silvery shine alongside its fantastic durability.