We recently fitted some gorgeous shutters in a lovely new family home in South Tottenham surrounded by sporting powerhouses such as White hart Lane – the home of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, Queen Elizabeth Park – home to the Olympic Park and the London Stadium where we hosted the 2012 Olympic Games and the Emirates Stadium, home to Arsenal Football Club. These shutters deserve their own glorious arena.

As you can see from the picture, the bay window where we the shutters where fitted looks out onto the street and therefore the street can look in on the house. That is where shutters are the perfect choice to be made as most styles will help provide this peace of mind when it comes to nosey onlookers. As shutters are a fixed installation, their solid nature makes it difficult for people to see through, that is unless the slats are open. This is because their sturdy nature adds a level of perceived security to your home as it puts off potential criminals.

With this new family it’s easy to see that the choice of having Café Style shutters was for the sake of their new born little girl. With the panels only covering the bottom half of this bay window, their privacy is maintained while she gets to know her brand new world. Choosing this shutter style means that while having the top half left open, plenty of natural light floods the room which is a real must with the walls, painted royal blue, and the bright furnishings.

After some time deciding the client opted for the Craftwood MDF as it was the perfect shutter material option for their budget. They were also a fan of the slightly heavier frame. In addition to that, just like all our product range, Craftwood MDF is resistant to fading, chipping, warping and cracking.

Opting for the Classic slat size of 64mm was a great choice. As a popular choice, this smaller louver gives you a classic shutter finish. More louvers per panel mean marginally less light than larger slats when open, but add a very pleasing ambiance in most rooms.

When it came to selecting the colour that our client wanted their made to measure shutters to come in they decided to choose our most popular colour option which turned out to be perfect for the room. Pure White really went well with the royal blue; wooden floors and the white ceiling, letting the shutters really sink into the room’s design. And with the choice of a Nickel Plated hinge the shutters now have that distinguished look that stops it looking plain.

And with that our client has some stunning shutters for their bay window, finishing off a beautiful living room fit for a beautiful new family.

Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and of course are very stylish! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.