In a stunning family home in Balham, our experts have elevated multiple windows throughout the property to new luxury levels with high-quality custom-made shutters. Shutters are the ideal window dressing to be installed on windows throughout an entire property as they allow for a consistent aesthetic no matter the interiors or purpose of the space.

In this project, some design choices have been consistently selected across each of the shutters whereas others have been uniquely tailored to the specific room or window.

All panels feature 64mm slats which is the smallest of our three standard sizes. 64mm slats are often paired with a tilt rod for louvre movement which gives a more classical shutter aesthetic. These two design features are often paired together. A timeless, classical look for window dressings works wonderfully in London properties and is a great way to combine the timelessness of a property’s architecture with an interior décor that may change over time meaning that the shutters will always match wonderfully to the space.

The final design choice that is found consistently across the shutters is the paint finish that has been chosen – Pure White. Pure White is a brilliant bright white that matches to a large proportion of windows and their surrounds. Matching to window areas is a great way to ensure that the shutters will continue to pair nicely in the room décor no matter how the interiors are changed. This is usually the preferred option as shutters are a fantastically long-lasting investment to the home so opting for a design that will be ideal for almost all interiors ensures that changes in the room will not require are differences to the shutters.

Two different shutter materials have been used throughout the home – customer favourite Hardwood in the majority of rooms and our Waterproof material in the bathroom and ensuite. Hardwood has gained its popularity with clients as it provides the perfect middle ground between the cost effective and robust nature of our entry level MDF material and the beautiful finish of wooden shutter panels. This combination is achieved from an MDF fixing frame and timber panels and louvres manufactured from specially selected hardwoods. Our Waterproof offering is ideal for bathrooms or areas where the shutters may be subject to higher levels of moisture such as steam or direct contact with water whilst still providing the same great look as other materials. 

We had the opportunity to install shutters throughout this stunning family home but three windows have been featured here; living room, nursery and bathroom.

The living room shutters have been made in a Tier on Tier style. Tier on Tier panels stack on top of one another providing versatility of use as top and bottom panels are able to be operated independently, giving the benefit of having both Café style shutters and Full Height in one. Antique Brass hinges have been selected to give a classic metallic luxury the overall shutter.

The nursery and bathroom both have Full Height with a Divider Rail style shutters. Full height with a Divider Rail is an ideal style for bedrooms as panels block out the most significant amount of light. Stainless Steel hinges are featured in bathroom panels to ensure fixings are water resistant along with the Waterproof material of the shutter panels and frames. The nursery shutters have Pure White hinges to match the panels. This gives a flush and stylish finish to the shutters which gives a gentle and luxurious finish to the window with the various benefits that are on offer.

It’s always a pleasure for our teams to help transform a family home as we know that shutters will make beautifully dress the windows with an array of benefits for many years to come. 

If you want to transform windows throughout your home with shutters then the team at Plantation Shutters are on hand to help you with all your needs. To get in touch with the team today you can contact our friendly office on 02088719222, email or alternatively you can submit sizes to our Online Quote Calculator to get a material only cost for the shutters.