We work closely with esteemed London designers Huxley Land on many projects to provide shutters that match their exceptional design quality, and it’s always exciting to see their completed projects which are finished to a truly enviable standard like these Balham flats.  

Situated between Clapham, Tooting Bec and Wandsworth, Balham is a vibrant area of South London attracting residents of all ages by it’s convenient underground and over ground links, array of bars and eateries and the short walk to green spaces Clapham and Wandsworth Common. This character filled building is located right in the heart of Balham for convenient access to the area’s benefits – a fabulous location for its future residents.

The team love being able to work on multiple properties in the same building or area and this often happens when our client’s neighbours see their wonderful new shutters and get in touch to invest in some of their own. Occasionally, we do multiple together like on this project which required shutter installation on each floor of the building, three flats in total, at the same time to achieve a cohesive exterior of shutters utilised in each individual flat decor.


Shutters are a fantastic addition to windows as not only do they offer an array of benefits unmatched by any other window dressing, but they also exude true luxury on any window you choose to install them on. This is grounded by feedback from many of our clients that the addition of shutters to their windows has increased the value of their property, as informed by their agents when they come to sell.

The shutters featured in these flats are a mix of different styles; café style, full height and tier on tier shutters. Our customers are always amazed at the versatility of shutters ensuring that they are perfect for any home and often a fantastic choice is to mix the styles of shutter throughout the home to suit each rooms requirements as has been done here.  


These shutters have been made in one of our most popular colours, Pure White, combined with brushed nickel hinges. The white shutters match beautifully to window surrounds and colours throughout the room, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms where a white and neutral pallets tend to be preferred, whilst the brushed nickel hinges add a touch of extra luxury and metallic sheen to the overall look.

Craftwood MDF is a fantastic and popular material choice for flats thanks to its robust and hard-wearing nature which makes it suitable for use throughout varying rooms and resilient to heavy use in busy areas. This sleek and clean design of shutter is matched with a classic 64mm slat and ease of use has been enhanced by removing the tilt rod so slats can be controlled by simply tilting any slat in the panel to trigger the cog mechanism to align the rest.

To transform your windows into a stunning luxury area of the home, give the team a call on 02088719222 to discuss and we can get you started on your shutter purchasing journey today!

*Images Source: huxleyland.com