In a lovely home located in surrey, newly installed bathroom and dressing room shutters exemplify the fantastic finish to a room that shutters provide .

The bathroom shutters pictured have been manufactured in our waterproof material to protect shutters against high levels of moisture in the room. This material is a particularly popular choice for bathrooms, kitchens and wet room areas and is finished with high quality, stainless steel hinges as a standard (usually an additional cost in other materials), to ensure absolutely everything on the shutters is water-protected.


Soft tones running through the silk white colour wonderfully pair the shutters to the window framing and surrounds. This ensures that the shutters sit seamlessly within the room and finish off the aesthetics fantastically. The chosen interior finish for these rooms features black furnishings which create a stunning contrast between the neutral-coloured walls and shutters with these dark counterparts.  

Matching in design, the dressing room shutters are cohesive with the bathroom shutters but are instead made from our Craftwood MDF material. Craftwood is our entry level product, still offering the same fantastic quality provided by all our Nien Made ranges but has the benefit of being exceptionally robust with a smooth finish and a budget friendly price. These features make Craftwood MDF perfect for busy areas or rooms where sturdier shutters are required.

Our full height style has been chosen for all of the shutters however the dressing room and one of the bathroom feature a divider rail where the smaller bathroom window does not. Divider rails are either selected as a design feature to match existing divides in the window or may be required for structural support on larger windows. Where a divider rail is used, slats in each section are able to move independently as one combined section which increases the versatility of the shutters.

Other design features used include 76mm slat, a hidden tilt mechanism achieved by a cog mechanism built into the panel and antique brass hinges on the Craftwood MDF shutter.

If you want to enhance the luxury of your own windows, simply get in touch with the team on 02088719222 and we will help you find the perfect shutters for you.