This home no longer wanted to be dwarfed by the surrounding homes of Dulwich and Brixton. It was time for this Edwardian home in Herne Hill to stand out and stand out it does! With the addition of our café style shutters, Bens home is now complete and as stunning as ever.

After buying this place in September Ben and his family wanted to make this house a home. Full of old curtains and blinds they thought the windows were in much need of an upgrade and chose to have our shutters fitted to 5 rooms in the home. Understanding our client’s needs is one of the most important parts of our jobs, so we can appropriately advise based on their requirements. Being a busy street with families all living nearby due to the proximity to the schools, Ben wanted to preserve the privacy in his home without losing the all-important natural light from the sun. So adding some extra privacy with our shutters for his home was the main priority as well as matching the rest of the homes’ windows.

The rooms that got the pleasure of being fitted with our shutters were the living room bay, dining room, bedroom bay, study and the back bedroom. Café shutters were the perfect option to provide some discretion and privacy into the room from the street without covering the whole window and still allowing the maximum amount of sunlight streaming through the top brightening up the space.

Cafe StylePearlwoodClassic (64mm)ContemporaryPure WhiteWhite Hinges

Ben’s shutters are made from one of our premium materials. Pearlwood offers a brilliant lustrous finish that has been hand sanded and coated. It is excellent value for money with the fantastic build quality and a beautiful finish. It is one of our lightest woods and perfect for café style shutters. Ben then opted for the Classic 64mm slat size which is a popular choice with smaller louvres giving you the classic shutter look. Finally, he chose our Pure White paint finish with white hinges so that it would melt into the space matching the colours of the wall seamlessly.


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