In this stunning South London home, our client has chosen solid panel and louvred shutters for their windows as a sleek and stylish way to add an array of benefits to their interiors. Adding shutters to various rooms in different materials really shows their versatility and what can be offered to each individual window. 

In the master bedroom, Solid Shaker shutters have been added to achieve an impressive level of light block. Made in our popular Silk White colour with the addition of Antique Brass hinges, these design features have transformed this traditionally associated shutter style into a modern masterpiece!

Tier on tier shutters are a great way to manage light control in solid panels as in the abscence of tilt slats, top panels can be opened to light the room whilst leaving bottom panels closed for privacy. Solid Shaker shutters are made from our Ultra wood material which is ideally suited for larger windows or solid shutters thanks to its large framing.


In the bathroom, our waterproof Permawood material has been used in a louvred full height shutter with a mid-rail. Water resistant shutters are fantastic option for bathrooms or kitchens where the shutters may be exposed to anything other than light water exposure to ensure that they are well protected and last for the many years the fantastic build quality allows for. This water-proofing quality is also enhanced with the stainless-steel hinges which come as a standard for Permawood shutters ensuring the shutters are not just practical, but look luxurious too.

If you’re looking to add some of your own stunning shutters to your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch today on 02088719222.