This Classic Modern home in Rossetti Garden Mansions has been newly renovated and the finished product is amazing. For a home that has had this amount of attention paid to it, the perfect finishing touch was needed, and we provided just that for our clients at Akrana Build in their Chelsea home project.

Something crisp and smart to match with the rest of the home’s décor was just what our clients were after to complete this home renovation. That’s where we came in to help achieve that when it came to the 5 rooms in this home. As well as a practical option to ward off nosey onlookers, allowing for every inch of the rooms to be used up however the homeowners wished.

Bay Windows are a common window that needs an option for covering and our Plantation Shutters are a great solution as they are made to measure and fit into any window seamlessly. So, there’s no need to sacrifice style for the convenience of privacy seeing as Chelsea is a highly populated area of London there are plenty of people walking by daily. This is all due to their frame hugging nature.


This Chelsea home has a classic yet contemporary style. To continue with this elegant style our clients opted for our White Teak shutters which are made from the finest quality timber. White Teak is one of our most sought-after woods and not only looks great but is also a sturdy durable wood. Going for Tier on Tier made this all the easier as it covers the entire window frame while also being able to open the top and bottom separately giving the clients the ultimate control over the light coming into each room. They also went for a crisp and cool Pure White colour for the panels as well as their hinges which really lets them melt into the space along with their hyper-modern and bang-on-trend additional tweaks to the design only adds to its gravitas.

Akarana Build thought this home wouldn’t be complete without our stylish Plantation Shutters which were made to fit each window perfectly. This home in Chelsea now exudes elegance and style and our clients couldn’t be happier with the result.


Window shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family looking to add a stylish and new touch to their home. They are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and perfectly adaptable for your family requirements. Have a  browse through our shutter styles and lifestyle gallery. Our New Year Sale runs until 31st January, keep an eye out for our amazing reductions across our product range so get in touch today, contact one of our friendly team, email or call us 020 8871 9222.