In these beautifully unique interiors, the dark custom colour shutters which have been made to match Farrow & Ball “Off Black 57” are particularly notable. Shutters can be custom matched to any colour of your choice in certain materials so your shutters will tie in beautifully with any individual stamp of the interiors even if our extensive standard colour library doesn’t take your fancy. Black fittings have been selected to closely match the tone of the panels and framing making for a cohesive finish.

Café shutters extend part way up the window which is a unique touch offered by this style of window dressing. Natural light is able to shine through above the shutters whilst the lower part of the window remains covered to restrict the view when slats are closed to enhance privacy. These café style shutters feature a hidden break which gives an extra dimension of control to the shutters as slats can be controlled separately at the top and bottom of the panel.

The character of by the bay window is kept intact so the overall look of the room remains cohesive to the original geometric design. This is often not the case with other window dressings and just one of the many reasons that shutters make a fantastic addition to any window.

Our Pearlwood material is one of the most superior product choices in our range as all panels and framing are made from high quality wood. Wooden shutters are a fantastic choice for both painted and stained finishes and are also the best option for a custom colour finish making it a fantastic choice for this project.

76mm slats without a tilt rod have been selected whereby the traditional control rod found on shutters is replaced by an internal cog mechanism built into the panel. The 76mm slat is a fantastic slat size choice as it falls between our most popular 64mm, 76mm and 89mm sizes.


Custom bay posts have been used to improve the structural support of the shutter and ensure that panels smoothly transition to one another preventing a disjointed look on the overall shutters. Small details such as these shows how our exceptional product quality paired with the expert detail of our highly trained surveyors allow our finished shutters to truly stand out in quality and value.  

If you would like to add shutters to your own interiors, be it a bold and unique injection of colour or a subtle feature on the windows, then don’t hesitate to contact the team on 02088719222, submit a contact request form or get an idea of costings using our Online Quote Calculator.

Looking for inspiration? Be sure to check out our Shutter Gallery to see some of the other beautiful shutters our team have fitted along with our Shutter pages which provide plenty of information on styles, materials and finished available.