Bright, Bold and Beautiful colours are what you will find when entering this Mid-Century Modern style home. It’s part of our human nature to share our experiences and this is how this client heard about us. Their landscaper had such a great experience with our products and service that they highly recommended us, and we gained yet another wonderful client.

Located just south of Croydon in Purley is this delightful home. This is the result of another wonderful fitting carried out by our franchisee at Plantation Shutters South East. This home is filled with hidden gems around every corner and does not disappoint when it comes to style.


Full Height – Craftwood/MDF – In Vogue (76mm)ContemporaryWhite HingesPure White

The dining room is a bright open space and our clients didn’t want to lose the natural light coming in through the large square bay windows. As it is close to the kitchen, they also didn’t want curtains that could soak up all the smells from cooking and make the room feel dark and musty. So, for them choosing our shutters was a no brainer. They now get all the natural light they need entering the space while still getting that much-needed privacy when enjoying a family meal.



Full Height – Craftwood/MDF – In Vogue (76mm)ContemporaryWhite HingesPure White

Much like the living room, the bedroom had a large square bay to also cover. Seeing as the window is situated in a nook with a large desk, our clients wanted a window covering that wouldn’t interfere with the space and its occupants. One of the many benefits of having shutters is that they not only look fabulous, but they also save on that extra space leaving plenty of room for more important furniture items, such as the desk.

Our client’s shutters are our popular material, Craftwood/MDF, due to its appearance, hard-wearing quality and cost-effectiveness. They and opted for 76mm slat size which is incredibly stylish and provides a large amount of light through the slats. They then chose the Pure White paint colour so that it would add to the bright clean feel of the home as well as match the wall colours making it completely melting into the window frame seamlessly.

Plantation Shutters are the perfect choice for saving on any extra space needed on the home as well as adding style to your home. They are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and perfectly adaptable for your family requirements. For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.