When it comes to our people’s desire for natural light in their home as well as a need for that sense of security from onlookers as well, the most popular choice is interior window shutters. With their ease of fitting and upkeep, they are fast becoming the most popular window dressing option in residential homes providing home owners with practicality as well as successfully satisfying their stylistic needs.

Our most recent fitting brought us to a family home in Acton, up in North West London, where our client was looking for a window dressing fixture for their living room and upstairs bedroom. A major request was to allow for constant light but still provide the family with essential privacy from street onlookers.

 After the client expressed their desires and had a discussion with our experienced and qualified surveyors to find the ideal shutter style for the spaces, the client decided on café style shutters with the traditional centred rod to easily open or close the slats. One of the main reasons our customers decide on the Café style is the flexibility it provides them with in that they are provided with a healthy amount of natural light as well as the benefits given to their privacy. As can be seen from the height of the shutters fitted in the picture above, our client’s desires have been successfully met with the presented options for privacy and light simultaneously. A desire that is highly popular in most residential areas in London.

The client’s selection of the Craftwood MDF shutters was a cost effective decision that doesn’t sacrifice on quality in appearance and durability. Coupled with that, the entire range of materials to choose from are resistant to chipping, cracking, warping and fading which makes it an effective long lasting option . The choice of colour being was Silk White as it suited the room’s colour scheming allowing the fixture to blend in well.

The client said that he was very satisfied with the results and was very happy with the service he received. For all shutter enquiries including private, residential and commercial alike, give our amazing team a call on 0208 871 9222 or email us with any queries you may have.