There has always been a debate on what is the best window cover solution, plantation shutters or blinds? In fact, we have just published a blog post on the subject (read post) where we talk about their main differences, advantages and disadvantages.

One thing that does not leave room for debate is the fact that when it comes to child safety, plantation shutters are definitely the option to choose.

Why choose plantation shutters?

Intrinsically safe.

Young children are naturally inquisitive and as their mobility increases so does the danger and everyday items including window coverings can become a potential hazard.

Shutters are not only the most on trend window covering in todays market they are also fully compliant with EN13120.

With no cords, braids, loop chains or wires to form potential strangulation hazards shutters are the perfect choice to help keep your family safe.

Our commitment – your peace of mind.

Plantation Shutters Ltd Team.