Our specialist team recently fitted our classic range of interior shutters in a beautiful property, located in the middle of 4 postcodes in West London: Acton, Gunnersbury, Chiswick and even a part of Ealing. These areas are definitely up and coming , with many beautiful Georgian and Edwardian houses being refurbished, slowly becoming a buzzing and vibrant cosmopolitan area. These neighbourhoods are increasingly becoming a hub for pubs, restaurants and cafes alike.

The clients primarily wanted a window dressing solution to maximise privacy in their living room since it is located on the ground and the windows face the street. It was crucial that we found an option so our clients could feel privacy within their own home. After consultation with one of our expert surveyors, the clients were recommended to go for tier on tier, one of our most multi-functional shutter styles.

Tier on tier shutters cover the whole window, however there are independent panels top and bottom, opening like a stable door. This gives you the best of both worlds, making most of the light by allowing you to open the top half of the panels without compromising on privacy. This style was the ideal solution for our clients as they also wanted a stylish window dressing option while providing privacy.

The material chosen for the wooden shutters was Pearlwood. Pearlwood shutters are made from premium timber, which is extremely popular with customers who are looking to add a bit more style to their shutters. This shutter material boasts a beautiful silvery colour with tight grain for a smooth finish. These shutters are a favourite for many due to their versatility, as they can be used on any style window, any shutter style and any colour or stain finish and even a custom colour match option.

The Classic range was chosen as the style fitted perfectly with the design of the property. This range has a 64mm louver, providing a slightly smaller slat which is the ideal solution for finding balance between the amount of light that comes in and the gain in privacy. This range is named accordingly; it is timeless and will never go out of style. The shutters were complimented perfectly with a colour finish of pure white, a neutral colour which again will mean a timeless option and for blending into the design.

This beautiful lifestyle fitting is a perfect example of the benefits of shutters in regards to its practicalities and style. For more brilliant ideas give our friendly team a call today on 020 8871 9222, or if you prefer, email us any enquiries you may have.