At one end of the street, you will find the beautiful Clapham Common, the other end, our client’s lovely home. Jane and her family have made this house their home by adding their own personal touches and style. They also chose to install our made to measure plantation shutters into a few of the rooms in their home to complete the look.


Having the dark blue on the wall creates a warm cosy feel perfect for entertaining or just having a family dinner at the end of the day. Seeing as the dining room looks out to the street outside, they chose to cover the square bay with our full height shutters so they didn’t feel so exposed to the outside world and could eat their meals in privacy, while still letting the light in when needed. Square Bays can be difficult to cover without losing the extra space created and sometimes it can make the window look worse for it. As all our shutters are made to measure, there was no need for Jane to sacrifice style for privacy.


Classic shutters in Clapham South home by Plantation Shutters Ltd


The master bedroom continues with the style of the home but instead of the dark walls, our clients have chosen a lighter grey colour for the walls to create a contemporary, clean bright space. It a very relaxing tone and a great choice for a bedroom. Much like the dining room, the full height style shutters provide an impeccable style to space; covering the windows without adding the clutter of curtains and allowing plenty of natural light in to keep the space bright and inviting during the day and keeping the room dark during the evening when closed. Adding a pop of colour from the Pooky Lamps just brings the whole look together.



Keeping with the classic contemporary feel Jane has throughout her home, her home office was no exception. The light mahogany wooden desk contrasting with the dark walls makes this a great spot to do some work with no added distractions. The full height shutters also add to the room and help block out distractions from the outside while still keeping the room bright bringing the light in. The shutters allow maximum privacy and light control as well as the option to open the louvres up and let natural light pour in.

Classic shutters in Clapham South home by Plantation Shutters Ltd


Our clients’ shutters are Pure White which provides a contemporary and clean ambience to their home. She opted for 86mm slat size which is incredibly stylish and allows the maximum amount of light to enter without having to open them up completely. In terms of material, a full wood product was requested and that wasn’t hard to fulfil. Pearlwood is the lightest timber which is ideal for full height shutters. Pearlwood is a popular choice as it has a paint finish on both the shutters and framing. It is available in all our in-house colours and stain finishes.

Plantation shutters are the perfect choice for any busy family as they are durable, easy to maintain, offer privacy, light control and of course are very stylish! For all your plantation shutter queries please call us now on 020 8871 9222 or email our friendly team today.