We recently installed our classic range of shutters in a property in Putney. As you probably know, Putney is a beautiful and exciting area with abundant green space located just outside of the London metropolis. Its many pubs, restaurants and shops create a very lively atmosphere. You might not know this but Plantation Shutters started off in Putney so we always get a bit of Déjà vu when returning there to do a job.

The customers wanted their shutters to blend into the current interior, which had a very cosy, traditional feel. Our expert measurers advised them to go for our classic range, which features a smaller slat size that gives the room a cosier feel. This slat size provides a bit more privacy than larger slat sizes such as the in vogue or modern and can be very efficient at preventing light from entering the room when closed. The client decided on a traditionally centred tilt rod, continuing on with the classic theme of the property.

The tier on tier shutters was the ideal shutter style for their living room window due to the fact they allow for a lot of flexibility as the top and bottom panels open independently. They work particularly well in a home-like this where there was a need for contrasting amounts of light, air and privacy at different times of the day and year. The material selected for this job was Hardwood, one of our most popular wood ranges, which perfectly finished off the classic theme of the room painted in pure white, with a white hinge.  

So if you are looking for a window covering to complement your interior whether classic, in vogue or modern, call us now on 020 8871 922 or email us your enquiries.