Dulwich is a fabulous and hugely desirable residential area in South-East London thanks to its village-like aesthetics with access to multiple green spaces, boutique shops, bars, and restaurants.

Nestled in the midst of this lovely area, this homely property with rustic interiors and worldly inspired trinkets has been finished off with stunning Silk White Shutters, elevating this already lovely room to a new level.

Silk White is a great match for rooms where softer colours have been used due to the slight warmth running through the neutrally of the white which gives a gentler finish and ensures that the shutters do not to overpower any future design decisions which can be a possibility with coloured shutters. The brown leather of the sofa and earthy green walls are complimented fabulously by this shutter colour which ties the two together wonderfully.

The shutters featured this home have been made from our superior Pearlwood material which boasts a lighter weight than our other materials to support the Tier on Tier shutter style that has been selected for this window. In choosing this style of shutter, the homeowner has opened their shutters up to additional functionality where top and bottom panels can be controlled independently allowing an additional level of light control in the panels and giving the opportunity to effectively turn the shutters into café style shutters when top tiers are opened – two styles in one!


Nickel-plated fittings have been used on these shutters which excellently combines with the rustic look of the room and also adds an additional feature to the shutters rather than matching all together.

76mm slats allow for a sleeker looking panel as larger slats means for less slats. As this is combined with our internal cog mechanism which takes away the tilt rod that is featured on traditional style shutters, an overall modern finish is achieved.

As a long-term investment, these shutters will continue to add luxury and tasteful warmth to rooms for many years to come. 


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