We get people from all across Britain enquiring about our shutters. As a small independent company, we can’t get to everyone (we wish we could) so we have a DIY Shutters (supply only) option. Essentially you measure your windows, we make and deliver the shutters and you then fit them. It is as simple as that!

What isn’t so simple is the measuring and fitting process. If you’re thinking of using this option we recommend that you have experience with a measuring tape and a good DIY skill set. We are here to help as much as possible and to make it even easier for you we have created a how-to measure and how to fit guides.

So when Rob came to us looking for shutters we were on hand to help. He then sent some pictures of the windows we had talked about, their measurements and the spec he wanted and after a few phone calls, emails and a meeting in the showroom the shutters were ordered and on their way.

Rob’s tips for success? Just like us, he believes that if you’re an experienced home DIYer you are likely to be able to measure and install the shutters yourself with a bit of planning. He suggests that you ask yourself the following questions:

Which is the best shutter surround for my house?
Where will the wall plugs go?
Do I have a window sill to contend with?

Rob also suggests that you follow this simple guideline:

1. Measure your windows. Make sure you measure the window opening.
2. Read our all related guides; How to Measure and How to Fit.
3. Measure it all again with your new-found knowledge.
4. Talk to our staff and visit our showroom if possible.
5. Measure again and then place the final order.

We always recommend leaving the measuring and fitting to us because of our vast experience but if your property like Rob’s is too far away for us to measure and install why not try your hand at a supply only? With proper planning and equipment, you too can have some beautiful, self-measured and installed shutters like Rob’s to brag to your friends about. Call us now on 020 8871 922 or email us your enquiries.